Yurbuds Inspire Earphone for Women

Hi lovelies. Today is a bit of a different post. I haven’t done many fitness posts yet and I feel that I need to do more posts regarding fitness and my training. In case you didn’t know I’m currently training for the Great North Run in September. It’s a half marathon and I’m really taking my training quite seriously at the minute, especially with how quick it’s coming around!

Now I have been using my iPhone 5s earphones to run in but the shape of them is so weird they began to hurt my ears. Another thing which annoyed me when running was that if you accidently pull the wire or run into a bush (I do it all of the time) the earphones fall out! I found that I was spending most of my run sorting out my earphone malfunctions and wasting my energy.

So this was when I discovered yurbuds! They are small earphones which are specifically designed for women with small ears (and I have teeeeny shrimp ears). Not only are they the perfect snug fit but they don’t pull out! No matter how hard you tug on them they just don’t. Now I was very sceptical about this claim when I read up on it but unless you pull them to the side they will stay well put. It’s patent-pending technology and you have to put them in a certain way and they almost lock in. They’re also so comfy and if they aren’t the right size they come with other little blue attachments which just go over the earphones. The leads is really long (4ft to be exact!) and I can manoeuvre it between my sportsbra and up my arm perfectly.

The sound is great and you still get a teeny bit of background noise which makes it safe for listening to traffic noises. They’re also sweat and water resistant so they work perfectly in the rain too. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t buy these sooner! I got my earphones from amazon for a very reasonable £20. They do a range of colours and different models with the voice and music control too and they also do mens! This could be a perfect fathers day gift! Are you an avid runner? What sort of problems do you encounter on your runs or even on the quest for a Summer body?

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