Xen-tan Dark Lotion

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a lovely Easter/bank holiday weekend. I’ve been having a lazy day eating my body weight in chocolate and watching the Kardashian Marathon on E! Now today’s post is a fake tan one as I’m prepping myself for my friends birthday meal tomorrow night. Now I have been forever faithful to St Tropez after having horrible experiences with St Moriz an I sticking oto my poor little eczema/dry patches. I do enjoy St Tropez but it seems to make my skin really itchy. now this only happens the day after a night out which is usually the day after applying fake tan. I really don’t know whether its the tan or the alcohol my skin itches so much, especially my neck. So much so that I stopped using fake tan, opting for the sun beds. This was of course until I came across Xen-tan. I had read so many reviews about this yet for some reason I hadn’t purchased it. This was until I saw it on offer over at Look fantastic for around £18 and I had to get it.

So i got the dark tan which comes in a lovely pump dispenser which makes it less fiddly and of course not as messy as the bottle ones. I think one pump could cover my arm which is pretty good going. It comes out of the bottle a dark brown colour and when rubbed in turns into a lovely olive bronzecolour. The colour guide does help as you can see which parts you have missed. I rub this in with some black gloves, then wait 20 minutes before buffing the too of my skin to get rid of any patches. It isn’t t all streaky but it does dry quite quickly. This is especially true for my face which is a disaster. It works lovely on my body but my face just gets random patches, even when I used moisturiser with it. The smell is ok, I had heard it was a vanilla like smell but it really smells of marzipan!! Some of you may like this but I find it such a weird smell best left to cakes. Although I have heard Xen-tan do have a Moroccan fake tan which smells of coconut. This being my favourite scent I must try this! Anyway you can leave the tan on for a minimum of 3 hours or if you prefer leave it on overnight before showering. When you shower you do see the water turn brown but my skin still comes out the same gorgeous brown golden colour. I do have strange skin it’s quite yellow/olive looking so those orange baked tans really do not suit me (not sure they suit anyone but…). This is the perfect tan for me and so far my skin hasn’t been too itchy, result!

You can get this product from Look fantastic for £18.86 right now. Which is so worth it for such a good quality fake tan, especially as Spring is yet to arrive here in England.

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