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Now we all know that we should be doing around 30 minutes of exercise a day. However, with expensive gym memberships and busy lifestyles many of us put this off as we don’t have enough time. But 30 minutes is equivalent to just 2% of our day! When you put it like this it really puts it into perspective and honestly there should be no excuses. Even though I am a member of my local Bannatynes, I have come to the realisation that you really don’t need a gym to have an effective workout. Running is a great way of keeping fit away from the gym but is not for everyone, so here are some workout ideas that I have tested myself and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The 30 Day Shred

This was something I started doing before my holidays and oh wow you do get results quick! The 30 day shred is a programme designed by Jillian Michaels (from the biggest loser) which combines cardio, strength and abs work over different intervals and levels of difficulty. Each 20-minute workout (although this sounds short it is brutal) consists of 3 minutes of weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute ab work. In level one you do workouts consisting of jumping jacks, skipping, squats whereas in level 2 and 3 they progress into harder exercises such burpees, mountain climbers etc. I must say you definitely feel fitter as the days go on and by day 5 you’ll have no problem completing the workout. One thing you need to have is some form of handweights and a mat but bottled water would do too. I really enjoy the 30 day shred and if definitely helped me to burn fat from my stomach and thighs. I loved how quickly you could see results and it’s only 20 minutes everyday! You can buy the DVD from amazon or watch on youtube like I did. Just by googling 30 day shred you can see peoples amazing results and before and after pictures. It’s definitely a brilliant workout for both fat burning and toning.


Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho (a pilates instructor) who posts videos, workout plans, recipes etc which you can use at home. She has such a huge variety of videos with different exercises from pilates and toning to cardio and achieving a bikini body. My favourites are the Victorias Secret Angel series, these really do work. Cassey herself is really enthusiastic and she talks about crazy things to try keep your mind off of the exercise you’re doing and the fact that your muscles hurt so much. Each of the videos is only around 15 minutes first but gosh they really do target your muscles and make you work. No equipment is really needed and Cassey is quite amusing when she asks you to use heavy textbooks as weights! You could do a few of the videos at once to target different areas or mix it up with some pop cardio followed by a bikini blaster workout! I would definitely recommend you check out her website and there is even an app for iPhone so you can literally work out anywhere. No excuses!!


A brilliant piece of equipment for working out at home is your phone. You can find workouts for every part of your body just by flicking through the app store. An app which i’ve recently come across is SWORKIT. It’s so easy to use; you choose from strength & cardio, yoga and stretching or you can create your own custom workout. Then you pick the area of your body you wish to target (or if you want you can pick a full body workout) and how many minutes you want to workout for, which is brilliant for those pushed for time. The app tells you the moves you need to do, the reps and a little clip of how to perform the move perfectly. It’s a brilliant little app but I do wish it had music on there to keep you motivated, so you’ll have to sort that bit yourself. Another downfall is that you have to pay to go pro, which makes the app a little basic but perfect for beginners. Overall a good little app, ideal for those who want to squeeze in a workout with no equipment needed.

Youtube & Instagram

Social networking is huge and full of fitness bunnys who inspire me everyday to get my ass off the sofa! I follow (stalk) so many people on instagram who post daily workout ideas and videos. Some of my favourites are soniatlevfitness; she has an amazing body and posts quick workouts everyday using chairs, walls and her own body weight. Another self-confessed gym junkie is Censkiii, even though she posts a lot of gym workouts, she does post no-equipment home workouts and she has a body to die for. A different type of fitness lover is Healthyxjessx a self-taught yoga and fitness enthusiast who posts yoga poses and videos of how to get into the different stretches. She also lives in Dubai and her pictures by the sea and on the beach are just amazing! Yoga is something i’ve been trying to get into, with running it’s important you stretch your muscles properly and i’ve actually come quite a way just by watching Jess’ clips. Lastly, youtube is your go to for workout videos relating to any parts of your body, any goals you have or any equipment you want to use. I did one the other day where you had to do squat jumps on your stairs and mountain climbers, it was crazy and exhausting but good!

I hope i’ve given you some ideas for how to keep or get fit at home! If not I hope i’ve at least given you a bit of motivation or inspiration to workout! These are only a few ideas for working out at home. I may do a post about the workouts I tend to do to target areas of my body or maybe my floor routine at the gym. Let me know what you would like to see on here! Also I’d love to hear if you’ve tried and loved any of these workouts or what you do to workout at home? Have a lovely weekend everyone and try to fit in a workout!!

Love Laura xx

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