Women Empowering Women

This has been playing on my mind a lot recently and it’s about time I shared my thoughts and feelings about women empowerment. Throughout my life I have been compared constantly to other women, not just by men but by women too. Life can sometimes feel like a constant competition, the other girl’s photos who the guy you’re seeing is liking, the girls you sunbathe next to and the best dressed on a night out. But in my mind i’m no longer comparing, I’m appreciating them.

Let’s talk about the free weights area. So, my gym is probably 95% males in the free weights, most of the time i’m the only female in the weight area. But when another woman comes in to do her thing i’m wanting to applaud her. To say well done girl, you made it and keep going, not to be intimidated by anyone in that area. I know myself, when you first start lifting you begin to make comparisons: What are they lifting? Why are they doing it differently? Should I be wearing that? But we have to remember everyone is on a different journey, and progress for individuals should not be measured by the same stick. If you’re a girl in the gym, don’t feel intimidated that I’m hip thrusting twice my body weight. We all need to remember everyone starts somewhere and you’re doing amazing by having the confidence to even go there. Because gyms can be intimidating enough, never mind what can seem like a very scary male dominated weight area. But go in, do your thing and smile to those doing their thing too and if you get the chance, admire their strength and congratulate them on lifting that weight!

However, we know it’s not all that simple. Yes i’ve been subjected to derogatory comments from other women, from sniggers when I do my cable pull throughs. But why? I’m not competing with anyone but myself, so please don’t make me feel uncomfortable on my own journey. It’s sad that a minority of women can be cruel and my message to those is to remember everyone is on their own individual journey and you don’t know anybody’s story so please just be kind. My experience with some women has been very negative. Involving ex-boyfriends and girls making degrading comments about me in order to make themselves look better. But why? Why should you have to bad mouth someone else to make yourself feel better? Can’t you accept your differences and celebrate one another? See, once women start to do it to each other, this is when men feel it’s ok to do it to them too. I’ve learnt a thousand times over that my girls are more important than any man could be and when men see women sticking together amazing things happen. So to every women who has stuck up for other women, I applaud and thank you.

I feel there are enough people in this world tearing us down. I love seeing women exercising together, admiring progress and encouraging one another. We don’t need nasty comments or to be told to stop taking selfies or that we’re too muscley. Social media can be brutal, but it also can be an amazing platform to find like minded women and build each other up on love and shared interests. For me it’s been amazing to find girls following similar journeys and not to compare but applaud their journey’s and when you mutually build each other up it’s a fantastic feeling. To all those women who are constantly empowering others and celebrating each other’s success I love you all!

Love Laura


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