I’ve been inundated with messages recently, asking about advice on bulking. The general what do I eat? How much protein? Do I track? So hopefully this post will give you an insight into my eating habits right now. Now let me start by saying this is in no way a representation of what I eat every single day, nor is this what you should eat. This is just what works for me, you should also find what works for yourself.

So first of all, do I track? I track my macros very loosely. Now by loosely I mean some days I will track everything, others I eat intuitively. You have to find what works for yourself. But if you’re new to bulking (which is eating in a calorie surplus in order to grow muscle) then you need to have an idea of how many calories you should be eating, then an understanding of the macro breakdown. The most important factors are total calorie input and then protein. I always try my best to meet my calories, then protein, then carbs, fats and micros come last. I also don’t find it too healthy for my mindset to be so obsessive over carb intake. When I do track, I use my fitness pal and find it helps so much to input the meals you plan on eating before actually eating. That way you can plan out your calories and you’re not binging on protein at the end of the day to hit your total!!

So this is what I ate in this particular day. In the morning it’s so helpful to get a good serving of protein, this will set you on a good path to meeting protein intake for the rest of the day. Then mid-morning I usually snack on a grenade carb killa and a banana (micros and all that). For lunch I’ve been having meals from Lion’s Nutrition, this has been so helpful because food is prepped, each meal has a sufficient amount of protein and even has all the macros on the back for ease of tracking. They’re also so tasty and easy too. When I’m home from work I usually have something before the gym tuna in a pocket is great – again more protein. Then post gym I’ll have my protein shake before eating my evening meal. This is where I usually have either chicken or fish with lots of veggies, this time it was a chicken roast! Then I do have a huge love for crisps, so snack a jacks help my cravings. I also have a number of coffees throughout my day with soy milk, because I don’t drink normal milk. This total calorie intake was 2160; Protein: 185g; Carbs: 189g; Fat: 73g.

Currently, my total calorie goal is 2350, but on this particular day I hadn’t been to the gym in two days and wasn’t hungry enough to continue eating. It’s important to try and meet this calorie goal but not to sacrifice your own mentality at the same time. Forcing yourself to eat will probably just make you sick! I exceeded my protein though which usually doesn’t happen so I was happy with that one. So what would I advise? First of all, find out what your total calorie intake for a surplus is by using a macro calculator (I’ve spoken about these before if you need a read). Then if you have no idea of nutritional composition of food, use a tracker until you do. Always make it your priority to meet calories, protein then carbs and fats. As always, any questions do get in touch with me but otherwise happy bulking!

Love Laura


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