War of the hairs oils: Morrocan oil vs Macadamia Healing oil

Hello everyone,

Now I must send out an apology for my absence. I started a full time teaching job in September and haven’t even had time to stop, think or sleep ever since. It’s half term at the minute and I’ve been reading lots of lovely blogs and feel inspired to post on here. I changed the name of the blog a while ago but this meant I lost all my followers on bloglovin which is such a pity. But here’s to blogging and keeping up with my posts.

Now onto the oils. Hair products are something which I love! I am obsessed with anything which claims to improve the appearance of my hair, make it grow or make it super soft and shiny. Hair oils have been massively blogged about but I never seem to find comparisons between hair oils.

The first oil I ever used was the Macadamia healing oil treatment. I was enticed by its healing properties and gorgeous packaging! The pump design is also so good as you don’t have to drip it everywhere, which sometimes happens with my bio oil but that’s another story. The oil itself is lovely. It really does make your hair soft and much shinier. You use it on wet or dry hair, I prefer dry hair though and dry as normal. One thing I immediately noticed was how quick my hair dried, it would usually take 20 minutes but mine was done in 10. It’s a really good oil and did help to speed up my hair growth. However, after a few weeks of using your hair seems to begin to look and sort of feels coated. This is due to the silicones in the product and as much as they do help to smoothe the hair out and disguise split ends they do cause build up and make your hair colour dull.

Now after having dull yet soft hair for a few weeks I decided to try another hair oil. This time I chose the Moroccan oil, slightly more expensive but highly hyped up. The smell was the first thing that got me, again it comes in a pump and one pump is enough for my mid to long length hair. I’m really bad at describing smells but it smells like a really nice men’s aftershave but not strong at all. You’d have to smell it for yourself but it’s good. Now Morrocan oil also contains silicones but it makes me hair look amazing. I haven’t found that the colour of my hair changes in any way or that it looks dull. I have been applying it exactly the same and my hair is still growing at a good rate. I’m not sure why I find this oil better but it just doesn’t seem to make my hair dull.

Overall Morrocan Oil is my absolute favourite. I would use macadamia oil again but would make sure I used a clarifying shampoo now and again to get rid of build up. I have also heard that Shu Umera do an excellent oil so this one could be next but for now I love you Morrocan oil. You can buy either of the oils from feel unique:

Morrocan oil is £31.85

Macadamia oil is slightly cheaper at £24.45

Do you have any hair oils you can recommend? Or tips for getting rid of silicone build up?

Have a lovely evening.

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