Utopia and Seche Vite

Hello lovelies, hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend. Can’t believe we’re already into the second week of April, where has this year gone? I’m still on a break from Uni but I’ve got so much work to do and job hunting too, it’s so stressful right now. I’m still finding time to slip in some Internet shopping and I just got the real techniques eye kit which I’m looking forward to trying out. Let me know if you have this and what your thoughts are! I already have the core collection which I absolutely love, so hoping I’ll love these ones too and can hopefully get into doing some crazy eye shadows and smokey eyes.

Today’s post is a nail one with one of my new favourite polishes which is Models Own Utopia. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for so long but the colour had been out of stock for so long! I finally got my hands on it and it came within 3 days. I was pretty disappointed though because the lid and the brush bit are broken so sometimes the brush falls out of the lid. I’m pretty annoyed about this seen as I wanted the colour for so long but I wasn’t going to send it back.

The colour is so pretty, like a soft lilac nude. From seeing swatches online I thought the colour was a lot whiter but in person it is pretty lilac coloured. The formula of the polish is really opaque which is brilliant but I still prefer the Barry M formula of polish. As sometimes Utopia can get a little streaky as it’s such a thick opaque formula, where as with Barry M you can apply lots of thin coats to build colour. I suppose this is just personal preference though.

My all time favourite top coat, which I have used in the picture, is Seche Vite. I discovered this last Summer and the bottle lasted me until February, as it gets a little gloopy and thick to use. So I got this for like £8.00 off Amazon, which is such a good price for an amazing top coat. It can last up to a week and as I remember last year I used this on holiday and it lasted the whole week no chips! It’s also brilliant if like me you don’t have time to sit about waiting for your nails to dry. You apply this to wet (ish) nails and then it’s touch dry in 60 seconds. It looks like a gel finish too which I really like. To use this you get your brush above your nail and wait for a blob of varnish to fall on your nail then brush it on. This works best and doesn’t streak your wet nail polish. I don’t know what I’d do without this topcoat, even though it has a rather chemical smell it’s amazing.

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