Tresemme Split Remedy

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway at annalittlefashion and received this along with lots of other goodies. I was really looking forward to using the tresemme split end remedy range as I have thick split end prone hair and really struggle with trying to grow it due to the ends splitting all of the time. This is a technical explanation behind the remedy: ‘Because split ends are negatively charged, the positive charges of the gel body attach to the inside of the split. During the drying process, this then contracts to bind split ends together — leaving you with a smooth, frizz proof look and a just-cut feeling.’

In the sample pack I got the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. The shampoo and conditioner lasted me two washes and the leave in treatment has lasted me weeks! I’m really impressed with the leave in treatment it reduces frizz and I have seen improvement in the amount of split ends I now have. I will certainly go on to purchase the larger size in this which currently has a 1/3 off in boots along with the rest of the range. I’m not sure I will buy the shampoo and conditioner as I don’t find that shampoos ever really make a difference to my hair but the intensive treatment which I didn’t receive in the sample pack looks really good too. I have also heard about the keratin range of products out which I really want to try, does anyone have any of these products ? Or have you tried any of the split remedy range? Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend, I have been to the most amazing wedding in which I’ll be posting about sometime this week xx

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