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Leading a busy lifestyle and putting in tough sessions at the gym, it’s important for us all to have time to ourselves to ‘repose’. This is where Temple Spa’s aromatherapy resting cream ‘repose’ comes in. Described as ‘a duvet for the skin’ and loved by many including Nicole Scherzinger, who describes it as a good nights sleep in a jar, it’s natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants and relaxing essential oils really do help to sink into the skin giving you a relaxing, good nights sleep.

Not only is repose great for helping you to fight those sleepless nights and send you into endless slumber but it’s also know for it’s skin firming properties to help prevent premature ageing. Now I’m not worrying about ageing just yet but it’s never too early to start and is an added bonus in this cream. The scent this thick moisturising cream gives off is just bliss, it’s a very lavender, relaxing aroma which is great to massage into your temples at the end of a stressful day and to combat anxiety, or to soothe you to sleep on a long-haul flight. You could even give your skin the full spa treatment applying Repose all over the face to really feel the benefits. Repose is designed to relax, create a sense of peace and give your skin an essential boost of vitamins and nutrients which it definitely has done to mine. I wake up refreshed, my skin radiant and knowing I’ve had a great nights sleep.

Temple spa is one of my favourite brands which has been featured on here a number of times, not just for their brilliant products but the quality of the ingredients they use and their cruelty free ethics. Overall I really love this little jar of goodness. It’s a perfect nights sleep in a jar filled with qualities to keep my skin looking refreshed and healthy, perfect for those on the go. You can pick yours up here for £39 for the full 50ml (featured is 15ml).

How do you help yourself to relax and sleep better?

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