This has been a pretty controversial topic recently, especially on my insta feed anyway. I’ve come to see far too many individuals becoming obsessed with their analytics, tracking every single follower and getting completely disheartened when a post doesn’t blow up. But why are we suddenly becoming so obsessed with numbers?

Ever since instagram released the business account, every non-business account has suddenly turned this feature on. If you’re unaware business accounts allow you to add contact details to your account and allow the ‘insight’ feature. This tracks your number of followers, tells you when activity is highest and even gives you an insight on views and likes for every single post. Of course this is brilliant if you are promoting a product or your own service – having the tools to analyse your posts directly on the app is ideal. But it seems we’re losing sight of what instagram is really about.

Instagram doesn’t monitor the business account feature and really you don’t need an actual business to set this up (a Facebook page is enough). But I remember my instagram came about from my blogging. I created it to run alongside my blog, to promote my posts and to gain traffic through my website this way. Which I am sure were instagram’s real intentions when they set up this feature – to help businesses promote their services. But now it seems people aren’t really caring about the content their sharing – but just following the numbers.

What really gets to me is that there are so many fantastic businesses and bloggers out there. But their content isn’t being seen and their messages and information they share is being overlooked because the algorithms aren’t allowing their content to be seen. It’s been driven by the number of supposed likes (whether they’re from bots or genuine accounts who knows). But when fantastic writers and educated individuals who are specialists in their field are being disregarded because they aren’t influencers or ‘instafamous’ something is definitely wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, the business tools are so helpful. But when you become obsessed with tracking numbers, which aren’t being driven by success from your business or product then what are you really in it for? Are we forgetting what instagram is really about? If you’re becoming obsessed with your numbers it really is time to evaluate your goals. Engage with real people, reply to your messages and when people need help actually be there to support and help them. Don’t get caught up in the numbers and be true to yourself – remember exactly why you set up your account. Instagram is a powerful platform and can be used to influence so many in positive ways. Just remember to be true to yourself, don’t become obsessed with numbers, remember each number is a real person just like you. Be true to yourself and don’t get caught up within the numbers – your worth is not determined by your followers. Your business, your quality of writing is not determined by your numbers. It’s just instagram.

Love Laura


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