Summer Sorbet: The Body Shop’s Body Sorbet

Well I am so very lucky to be blogging about these after I managed to get my hands on the new and amazing body sorbets from the body shop. I have been anticipating their arrival since last month and I am so happy to finally be blogging about it. If you’ve tried the Body Shop’s body butters I am sure you’ll already be in love. However, doesn’t it annoy you when the butters get under your finger nails and take forever to sink into your skin….

Enter Body Shop’s new weapon, the Body Sorbets. Now I absolutely love the smell of the strawberry range at Body Shop and it comes second to the coconut scent. So obviously I had to try the Strawberry sorbet. The others in the range are Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Moringa and I’m sure I tried a Satsuma one? They all smell absolutely amazing and I found it considerably hard to choose but strawberry is my favourite as it smells like angel delight! They have a gel like formula which naturally is classed as a sorbet and they instantly sink into your skin. They remind me of the consistency of an after sun but they just smell sensational. Your skin is so silky smooth afterwards and the smell lasts for a good part of the day. I definitely prefer the formula to the body butters and the packaging means no messy nails or slopping the sorbet everywhere. The sorbets contain 100% aloe vera which means they would be perfect for slathering on after a long day bathing in the sunshine and super cooling to the skin.

I am completely sold by this new collection and I am so glad Body Shop have brought out a product like this. I can’t wait to get my hands on the other sorbets now and they’re only £8 each. I think the official release is the 16th July but trust me they’re worth waiting for!

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