Starting Out

Fitness is a huge part of my lifestyle and I don’t just do it for aesthetic benefits but to actually get the rush of endorphins in the gym, feeling better in my skin and reaping the benefits from a healthy lifestyle. First of all it’s important to decide what your goals are. Do you want to build muscle? lose fat or do you just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, or all of the above. Understanding your goals and choosing a gym that helps you to achieve those goals is just one part of starting out.

Working out at home is great, you don’t have to travel and you’re in your own home comforts, however there’s only so much you can do. Since I’ve been home from travelling, I’ve tried 4 gyms. 2 Xercise 4 Less, Bannatynes and an independent exclusive health club. One Xercise 4 less was amazing, huge weight sections, plenty of machines and big studios however the other the opposite. Small, cramped and I felt completely out of my comfort zone. The independent health club was Iveridge Hall, which I was kindly given a weeks pass to. It was great, lots of classes, outdoor area and super friendly staff. However, I didn’t feel it would be suitable for my goals, yet seemed brilliant for someone who loves classes and boot camp style sessions.

So 4 gyms and a lot of days later, I decided Bannatyne’s was the one for me. Recently refurbished, with a great weights section which never gets too busy it seemed perfect for me. I also felt comfortable around the people training there. It’s hard to judge a gym just by walking round, so always try out their day passes and try out for good deals. Price is also a big factor in the choice, however for me, joining a cheap gym where I didn’t feel motivated to go was a bad choice. However, spending that little bit more for somewhere I enjoy going and spending time is a tiny sacrifice. So if you’re starting out, be clear on your goals. Do you want a great weights section or good quality classes? Think about distance, nobody wants to travel in traffic just to get to the gym. Also, ask your friends. It’s good to have a buddy to workout with for extra motivation. If you want to make these changes, it needs to be somewhere you feel comfortable.

Have you tried a number of gyms before settling? What do you think about your own gym now?

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