The Beast From The East has hit hard and most of the country have been covered with a layer or two of snow. Schools are shut, the driving conditions are bad and going to the gym is probably the last thing on your mind. I’m not going to be that Personal Trainer who says ‘no excuses you need to get to the gym’. To me safety always comes first and if it’s not safe to travel to the gym then please don’t! But I’ve thought of some ideas for you to stay motivated and get moving on these snow days.

Get Moving The best thing you can do is to keep moving. Make the most of going out in your wellies for a lovely Winter walk or even a sledge! If walking isn’t your thing or you don’t want to steal somebodies dog then get clearing the snow instead. Wrap yourself up warm and get a shovel and clear the snow outside your house. Or you can go one better and help out your neighbours too. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your help and your body will appreciate the extra calories burned.

Home Workouts If you can’t make it to the gym, then make use of what you have at home. A workout is very easily adaptable by using resistance bands and bottles/tins to workout too. You can make it even simpler by doing a little circuit workout on the kitchen floor (or even outside) using bodyweight exercises, like jump squats, lunges, push ups and even using the stairs to run up and down. There are hundreds of ideas on youtube too to give you a bit of inspiration.

Yoga Stretching is such an important part of keeping fit and healthy which many of us are guilty of neglecting. But stretching is so beneficial for mobility, strength and to help with prevention of injuries and recovery. Every now and again I like to find a quick 20 minute Youtube Yoga workout and spend time feeling that stretch in my muscles, loosening them off after the heavy weight session. This is the perfect thing to do on a snow day and oh it will work up a sweat too. Set yourself up on a beginners yoga session and you’ll be good to go. Your body will thank you for it!

Of course, snow days are also a good opportunity to rest up and give your muscles time to recover. But if like me, you love getting out and about make the most of the beautiful scenery and fresh brisk air and get yourselves out and about. I hope you all enjoy your snow days. Let me know if you’ll be using any of these tips to help motivate you!

Love Laura


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