Real Techniques: Nic’s Picks

Sam and Nic (pixiwoo) really do know how to make the best brushes at an affordable price. Mac

brushes are amazing but £21 for one brush is just crazy to me. Whereas with the real techniques sets you can get 5 brushes for the same price of one Mac brush. Having previously purchases the core face and eye sets I have been won over by the brushes ever since. I knew I had to pick up the limited edition Nic’s Picks Set. I actualy bought mine from their USA site as even with postage it worked out at around £21.99 much cheaper than boots which is crazy. Superdrug do have them on offer now though so pick them up here.

The set consists of 5 brushes, 3 of these are exclusive to this set. I love the silver chrome finish and the matte black handles on them, they look very luxurious sat amongst my other brushes. As always the bristles are super soft and I haven’t noticed a great deal of shedding.

The top two face brushes you can see here are the duo-fibre face brush and the cheek brush. The duo-fibre face brush is one of my favourites already. It’s super super soft and the bristles work so well at lightly dusting powder over my skin. I really love using this to powder under my eyes because it’s so light to use and leaves your skin looking flawless!

The cheek brush is a great shape as it’s tapered into a round shape, meaning it’s great for applying blushes and bronzers precisely. It also works great with cream products, blending them in effortlessly. Again this brush is super soft and another favourite.

The angled shadow brush is designed with the perfect cut for layering different eyeshadows in the crease of your eyelid. Again it is quite a fluffy brush which does make it good for blending and applying shadows seamlessly.

The base shadow brush is one I already own from the starter set but even so I’m happy to have antoher. This means I can have a clean brush for layering different eyeshadows. The dome shape of this brush is very clever as you use the flat side to pack on eyeshadow and the soft bottom bristles to blend it in perfectly. If you’ve ever seen pixiwoos youtube tutorials you’ll also see how they love to use this for under eye concealer too.

The eyeliner brush is one that I haven’t got a great deal of use out of so far. I don’t tend to use gel or cream eyeliner but I think it would be great to use to apply shadow close to my lash line. The bristles are pretty dense and it’s quite a small brush and I found the eyeliner brush in the starter set to be rather long and difficult to use. I also think it’s a great shape to use through your brows, so I’m going to give that a go and I’ll let you know what I think.

What’s your favourite brush brand? Have you tried real techniques?

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