Protein World Summer Body Challenge

Nutrition is key to making any changes in regards to your body shape. Fat loss relies upon our bodies being in a calorie deficit, consuming less calories than we are burning, only then do those fat cells become used for fuel. However, in order to ensure we hold onto that muscle shape we’ve just spent months of building we have to consume adequate amounts of protein. Restricting calories can make it difficult for some of us to ensure we’re hitting that daily target. But this is where the Protein World 4 week Summer Body Challenge* steps in. The personalised Slender Plan, packed with everything form porridge to protein shakes gives me everything I need to support my 4 week journey to change.

At first, I was very sceptical. If you follow me closely on social media, you will know how my ethos is based around good relationships with food and completely against FAD diets. But Protein World understood my own goals, they considered my lifestyle and advised me on supplements to support me. They advised me on the products to choose to best suit my goals of fat loss and muscle retention, while maintaining a challenging workout schedule. Of course, if you aren’t training regularly and just want the Slender Plan to support your nutrition they can advise on the right products for you too.

After discussing the products with one of Protein World’s friendly and informative Nutritional Advisors, I decided upon a range of products which all taste as incredible as they sound, trust me! One of the first products I tested was the Vegan Blend, hands down the best tasting Vegan Protein I have ever tried. Also packed with 26g of protein, 26 vitamins and minerals and the formula mixes effortlessly. Another protein packed product is the Slender Porridge, 11g of protein, gluten free and this left me feeling full all morning, keeping those cravings at bay. Whilst maintaining high levels of protein, creatine is also vital to providing energy and endurance, helping those muscles perform at their bests throughout my workouts. The Toner Capsules are packed with creatine to utilise energy supplies and also work to tighten the skin. While tight skin helps improve the appearance of muscle tone, the Collagen Capsules contribute to maintenance of incredible skin and super shiny hair because who doesn’t want lovely locks?

Now, a little treat when you are having those cravings comes in the form of their Slender Bars. The Rocky Road is just mouth-wateringly good and has 12g of protein in to hit that goal, even better there’s plenty of choices to suit everyone. Being a Yorkshire girl, tea is up there on the priority list. The Slender tea is NOT a laxative tea (thankfully) so you will not be dehydrating your body, instead you’ll be drinking tea packed with multi-functional herbs aimed to boost metabolism and banish that dreaded bloat!

So that’s the breakdown of everything included in the pretty incredible Slender Plan. If that wasn’t good enough, you can also be in with the chance of winning a trip to Ibiza along with many other prizes including a £500 Missguided voucher. If you wan’t to join in with the 4 week Summer Body Challenge, along with the support of a whole Facebook Community follow this link.

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