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There is currently a huge trend with healthy eating and exercise, which has been massively influenced by social media such as instagram. Now I for one am so happy that exercise and healthy eating is literally the ‘in thing’. I hate fast food places like KFC and I’m super into fitness and my running. However, nutrition is something I’ve always struggled with. From the start of high school I became a vegetarian and from then on I had a constant battle with my iron levels and anaemia. These days I do eat chicken and fish but I wouldn’t dare touch red meat. I’m no nutritionist but I know that no food is going to cure diseases but a variety of these different food types will definitely help you to get the perfect balance of nutrients that your body needs. 


So Waitrose has reported at 183% increase in the sales of coconut oil and coconut water and I can completely see why everyone is reaching for their coconuts! Coconuts contain so many essential nutrients which your body needs to fuel itself – carbohydrates, fats and protein. Basically the good types of fats which are turned over into energy and don’t go into fat storage! My favourite coconut products are Lucy Bee Coconut Oil – which I use to cook literally everything, you can even use this to sweeten your tea! My other favourite is the Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water, this is the best thing you can take after running to rehydrate your body and it even contains more potassium than a banana!


A rather funny food and pronunciation of keen-wah, which made me laugh at first. But this is a great grain which unlike others, is seen as a brilliant source of complete protein. It does have quite a strange taste at first, especially if like me you’re expecting it to taste just like rice. However, it can be used in porridge, cookie and muffin recipes or salads and stir fries! You can buy this from the supermarket, usually kept near the pastas or online here. I’d also recommend you click on the image link and have a read of the article over there, it gives you something to think about.


Quark is a dairy product, kind of a cross between cottage cheese and yoghurt, generally used in cheescakes. It has a creamy consistency but isn’t sugared like yoghurt and has no salt like cottage cheese. The reason why I love quark is that it is very high in protein yet has low carbs and fat content, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer. It tastes quite bland but a little like natural yoghurt, but one of the good things with quark is how you can add the flavour. I add berries and use it like a natural yoghurt or mix it into smoothies or with protein powder. There are literally no limits. The hardest thing is finding it in the supermarket though as some stock it near the cheese and some near the yoghurts!!


Matcha is literally ground green tea leaves, resulting in a fine ground powder. This means it’s super concentrated and full of essential nutrients and goodness. The good thing about matcha is because the leaves are ground it’s literally like you’re eating them, instead of throwing away the teabag so you’re reaping the benefits of the caffeine like qualities and anti-oxidants. You can buy the powder alone to mix in smoothies and juices which tastes amazing or you can buy the already made up drinks from teapigs.

These are just a few of the foods I have been reaching for recently. I’d love to hear what healthy foods you’re eating or your recommendations for yummy healthy recipes…

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