New Years Resolutions: Ignoring The Number On The Scales!

Today is the 2nd of January 2015, where many people will be facing the reality of a New Year after the horrendous hangover they endured yesterday. For many, this means reflecting on 2014 and mulling over potential New Years resolutions, weighing up what’s achievable and what’s totally never going to happen. One of the most common resolutions which I have seen flying about on many Facebook status’ is the desire to lose weight. Now I’ll be the first to admit this has been one of my resolutions in the past and then became a 2nd resolution when I didn’t reach it the first time. However, this year I definitely will not be fretting over the number on the scales…

I’ll start with my own story of my weight. I’ve always been what is seen as a ‘good weight’ for my height. In Sixth form I discovered going out and drinking what I wanted and eating whatever took my fancy with absolutely no consideration of what it was doing to my body but I was always around the 8stone mark. Now I was never huge but I know I had a pair of size 12 denim shorts and looking back at pictures I could see the fat around my round face, including multiple chins and know for a fact I had a muffin top! Towards the end of University I decided to stop the drinking and instead opted for a healthy lifestyle. This leads me to where I am now. 2014 for me consisted of half marathon training 3/4 times a week and the gym on any days I was free. This meant I was working out around 5 times a week, ensuring I had rest days for recovery. I noticed huge changes in my body, popping calf muscles, rock hard thighs and a new toned stomach. But I also noticed my weight had fired above 9stone and no matter how hard I worked the number wasn’t dropping.

My body was looking the best it ever had, I was feeling amazingly strong and healthy yet I was the heaviest I’ve ever weighed. The thing is scales don’t differentiate a pound of fat from a pound of pure muscle. Through my training I had built lean muscle mass, which doesn’t weigh more than fat as a pound is a pound but muscle is around 18% denser than fat. Meaning 10lb of muscle is obviously going to take up less space in the body than 10lb of fat. This explains why I’m in size 8 clothes, smaller than I used to be, but weighing the most I’ve ever weighed.

This for me is the reason why I ignore the scales and listen to my body. I know when I’ve eaten rubbish and I feel crappy but I also know from my clothes and appearance of my skin when I need to workout too. So instead of fretting over the number on the scales I’m going to go by my clothes, my measurements and my instincts. Also, if you’re lifting 5kg more than you were the week before you’re doing something right! It’s about being strong not skinny! So in 2015, be healthy, don’t fret about the number and listen to your body.

Wishing you all the happiest and healthiest 2015! Keep your eyes peeled for more fitness posts including some half marathon training tips! I’d love to hear some of your resolutions or plans you have for the New Year!

Love Laura xx

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