I know the struggle when it comes to finding leggings. Too big around the waist, too tight around the booty or maybe just really poor quality. Having been through my fair share of leggings, I’ve come to find the perfect ones to fit my body shape, withstand a routine of weight lifting and cardio and look pretty good in a selfie. The best thing about them is that no pair comes in at more than £40, so you can save your pennies for protein shakes and grenade bars.

1. MERAKILO | AMENITY LEGGINGS I usually save the best until last, but being my favourite leggings I couldn’t wait to boast about them. They come in a range of colours, but the light blue (as pictured) being my favourite. The best thing about these leggings is the fit, they’re high waisted meaning they pull you in at the waist yet allow for extra booty gains. Squat, proof, sweat proof and they look amazing, use my code LAURA15 for discount meaning you only need to part with £21!

2. FLEXX FIT | LET’S GO HIGHER LEGGINGS High waisted, sweat proof and with a handy little pocket for your gym key or card are the flexx fit cranberry leggings. The high waistband really sucks your waist in and creates that silhouette we’re all desiring. What you’ll also find is these leggings are super soft, but can be a little tight, so if you’re inbetween sizes then size up.

3. GYM SHARK SEAMLESS LEGGINGS I think it’s fair to say these leggings and this particular brand are all over social media right now. Their marketing techniques are outstanding, making us all want the latest gym wear before we get serious FOMO. The seamless leggings are in my top 5 because of the fit and the style, which you can probably guess by now that I like booty enhancing leggings. Their contours do exactly this and even though they have been pointed out for bad quality, I haven’t had an issue yet.

4. PRIMARK LEGGINGS It’s a real shame Primark don’t market their gym wear, because it is actually exceptional. One of my favourite pairs being the ombre grey leggings. They fit perfect, are seamless and super soft and yes 100% squat proof (unlike their everyday leggings). Keep an eye out in Primark for the gym stuff because it’s surprisingly good, especially for £5!

5. H&M GREY LEGGINGS Another high street store which isn’t the usual go-to for gym wear is H&M. I managed to find these in store a while back and the amount of compliments I get when I wear these is amazing. I love the high waistband and the shape at the back really enhances the booty. They also have one of those cute little pockets that I love for my gym locker key. If you click the link you’ll find similar, but it’s a shame what’s in store isn’t always online. So keep an eye out on your next visit.

Love Laura


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