My current skin routine

Today is a post all about the products I currently use on my face. This isn’t a daily skincare routine as I have eczema and dry skin I don’t get oily/spotty skin so I don’t feel I need to wash and cleanse all the time, sometimes I just need moisture. I have perioral dermatitis around my mouth, which has cleared up a lot now and is just a little dry sometimes but I keep it moisturised and it’s ok. So these are the products I currently use…

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Mild

I love clinique products even their makeup products are lovely. I tend to use this product daily/every other day but as it’s mild it doesn’t dry my skin out so it’s a good one for my type of skin. It has a pump at the top too which is really good for getting the right amount out and you don’t get the messy lids like with some bottles. Me and my Mum both use this and it’s lasted us months! I would definitely recommend clinique to anyone with skin problems or dry skin like me. I always buy clinique when it’s ‘bonus time’ too as you get a little makeup bag and freebies too!

Superdrug Clarity Blackhead Cleanser

I’m not too sure whether superdrug still sell this as I’ve had it ages, but I’m sure they have something similar. I don’t get spots very often but I do have blackheads which are so annoying and don’t look very nice, so I apply this product on my nose and chin and it really helps clear them up. This is another product I only use every other day and I don’t apply it to my whole face but it make my face feel really fresh and tingly which I like. I like the dispenser at the top of this as it’s like a pop up lid (which I can’t explain very well) but I’m sure this is only cheap to purchase and it works for me so I’m not complaining.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

I use this product around once/twice a week never every day as it’s too harsh for using everyday. It has little beads in and foams up really nice on your skin. I apply it to all of my face, except around my mouth as this would cause havoc with my perioral. It has a nice smell too which is always good and makes my skin feel really fresh. It has reduced the appearance of my blackheads as now they don’t look so black but they haven’t completely gone. I’m sure you can get this from any drugstore or supermarket and it wont be too pricey.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

I bought this when I first started getting dry skin around my mouth way before I went to the doctors. It is lovely and gentle and not too thick so you can apply it then put your makeup on over the top. I chose it for the aloe soothing properties and the fact it’s not perfumed like some face creams. You can’t go wrong with body shop and their ethos is so good. I also have the night cream in this but it’s a bit thicker and I tend to use that in the winter.

California Baby Calendula Cream

So I bought this cream after researching what helps to get rid of perioral dermatitis. The cream is from America and I could only get it off Amazon. Calendula cream is known for it’s skin healing properties and it’s antibacterial aswell. I apply this around my mouth everyday and night and it does really help my dry skin. It has more or less cleared now but flares up when I get stressed which isn’t good. I would recommend this if you have dermatitis, eczema or you can even use it on nipples when breastfeeding. I think I got this for £12 and it’s only a little 50ml tub but with the amount I put on a day I think it will take me up to Christmas.

Have you tried any of these products? What’s your daily skincare routine?

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