My Caribbean Adventure | Part 1

Growing up I’ve been fortunate to travel to so many different countries on family holidays and the places that always stuck in my mind were those in the Caribbean. Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic being the main countries, however up until now I knew little of the islands that make up the Eastern Caribbean, only from instagram! As some of the islands are so small, it is difficult to fly direct, this is where cruising becomes your ideal transportation around the calm Caribbean Sea. We chose a smaller ship (Thomson Celebration) due to the itenary it covered and less days at sea but more Island stops. With the cruise embarking from Barbados and visiting 6 different Islands, including a day at sea this was the perfect itenary. With so much to tell, I’m focusing on the itenary and islands rather than the ship and splitting the blogs into two parts with this part covering: St Barths, St Maarten and St Kitts. If you would like to know about the ship let me know i’ll answer any questions you have!

With the first day being at sea little photography occurred and the day started with laps of the deck at 5.45am (blame the jet lag) and sunbathing before the captains dinner that night. The day after was our first port of call at an Island I knew little about, except seeing MIC’s Spencer’s rather gorgeous holiday home. The island of St Barths was definitely different to the others I was about to visit, a harbour full of yachts (including Abramovich’s £250,00 a week rental with you can see nearly matching the size of our cruise ship) with it’s designer shops and restaurants where crystal and caviar was definitely top of the menu. But beautiful beaches also lined it’s coast, including Shell beach.

The next port of call was Philipsburg St Maarten, the Dutch capital and a very popular port with rows of shops from Michael Kors and the famous Diamonds International, to bustling bars and restaurants. This was one my most anticipated visits, due to the very famous Maho beach, just metres between the white sand and the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport, listed the 4th most dangerous airport in the world. This was obviously our first stop, arriving around 10am meant we had a comfortable amount of sunbathing space and a spot out of the ‘wind blasting’ zone!

Maho beach itself is stunning, come 12pm the large planes were coming in to land which was amazing to watch them just metres above the beach, you literally felt within touching distance. However, the taking off was the craziest experience which you just can’t capture through any photograph. They close the road, the pilot gives you the thumbs up – you’re that close, then the engines fire up and wow. The heat, the wind and the noise is just insane – the best part was watching everyone’s stuff (including people) fly back into the sea and get sandblasted – AMAZING! After a pina colada we headed 10 minutes round the corner to Mullet Bay a quieter beautiful beach to catch some rays before exploring the shops of Philipsburg. All in all one of my favourite Islands, one which I’d love to visit again.

Basseterre, St Kitts was our next stop. We didn’t do much sunbathing in St Kitts, due to the Caribbean liquid sunshine that joined us in the afternoon, otherwise known as rain. But we did get to explore the town and try a few pina coladas whilst we were there. The England – West Indies cricket was on the day we were there but I must admit I’m not much of a fan so only passed the ground whilst touring the town. A quiet day but when your itinerary is so busy it’s well needed!

So that’s it for the first part of my Caribbean adventure. It’s definitely different to my usual beauty and fitness posts but I do want to do more lifestyle and general posts for you all. These photos are just a snippet of my adventures so check out my instagram for more. Take care and stay posted for part 2 and the most stunning beach I have ever set eyes on!

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