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Brows are huge now – literally. I remember the days when we used to over pluck, the thin and sparse brow was in which looked like it had been drawn on with a brown fine-liner, the same you used to use in your art lessons. But we have come a long way since then. That is, if you ever did manage to grow your brows back. Thankfully, I never fell victim to the ‘line’ brow and have always had fluffy blonde brows. But in the world of beauty there’s always change.

Almost 2 years ago now, I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed. Having tried waxing, plucking, HD brows and threading (dear god that hurts) I decided that I was fed up of maintaining my brows and wanted something a little more permanent. Stupidly, I didn’t do much research and at the time, I didn’t know many people who offered the treatment. I ended up getting them done for round about £150, the treatment took around 2 hours and I had a top up a month or so later. The thing was, they were very asymmetrical- yet I didn’t have the heart to tell the therapist. Which is absurd now, especially considering I paid a fair bit of money.

So anyway, I continued with my asymmetrical brows, shading them in and hoping they’d fade which they did (within a year actually). Which brings me to now. I saw the amazing work from Elle Hive*, she was very experienced in microblading and also offered ombre and combination brows. The difference between the different types is microblading is created by using individual strokes to create a hair like appearance. Where as the ombre brows create a powdered appearance by shading with a powered tool. The combination being a mixture of the two.

After strict instructions not to take any aspirin, ibuprofen or caffeine within 24 hours of treatment it was my time for perfect brows (the no caffeine was a killer – but worth it). It means you won’t bleed as much and it won’t ruin the treatment for you. Our consultation consisted of a quick form and a discussion about what brows I wanted. It helps to show your therapist a picture of yourself with ‘ideal brows’, giving them an idea of the shape and colour that you like. Elle recommended the combination brows for me, I like them bold but still quite natural at the same time.

Elle spent an hour marking my brows up. Perfecting the shape and trimming, plucking and shaving the surrounding area. This is the really technical bit as brows are so so important. I explained how it was important for me to have them looking a little more even which she mastered! Honestly, Elle took her time and was an absolute perfectionist. She showed me them twice before applying the numbing cream to make sure I was happy with the shape. Of course, I was 100%.

After 20 minutes with numbing cream on, Elle began her work. The first few scrapes from the microblading needle made my eyes water slightly. But then it was fine. I remember my previous experience of microblading being so painful yet this time it was a breeze. I believe it’s completely down to the therapist and their experience. Elle made it so comfortable for me, whilst I was laid their wrapped up in blankets. Then came the shading using the different tool, at first it felt a little funny but was literally like a tickle. At one point, I found I had fallen asleep and awoke to one eyebrow being complete. After applying the strokes and shading Elle dabbed the pigment onto my skin again and left it before going back around again. Like I said, she’s an absolute perfectionist.

At the 3 hour treatment, Elle showed me my brows – of course I was absolutely in awe. Then she gave me some very important aftercare advice and an ointment to use on my brows. The most important tips are;  don’t get your brows wet, this includes sweating, which as a Personal Trainer was quite hard for me. Although I stuck to weight based lower intensity workouts – zero sweat. She talked through the process and how the brows would scab, which I remembered from my last experience. It’s important not to touch the scabs and just to let them fall off theirselves (if you do so you can risk pulling out the pigment). Lastly the ointment, to apply daily using a cotton bud. Also, in the hours following my treatment to wipe my brows with distilled water to ensure they’re clean while healing.

So far, the healing has been amazing. I’m on day 6 now and they’re healing up pretty quickly. As part of the process, they will heal and look a lot lighter before the pigment will come back again. This will be 30% lighter than the initial treatment though. It’s been funny getting used to my very dark brows in the mirror but like I said, they’ll fade. A top up treatment will be given in around 5 weeks where I’ll be able to show off the final product and show you the full healing process. But this is my experience so far for you all.

I can’t thank Elle enough. She’s so skilled and I would 100% recommend her to anyone. Her professionalism and knowledge is top class. If you are interested in her work, check her out on instagram @ellehive or on Facebook. The full price of the brows including patch test and top up treatment is £350 however I was gifted the treatment. Still this is my honest opinion and I will definitely be going back for my top up. If you’re in Leeds or the surrounding areas give Elle a visit. You will literally be brow goals!

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