Making Your Tan Last The Summer

Safe tanning is so important – even those with the darkest of skin tones use high factors to protect their skin from harmful rays and premature aging. We all know the importance of slapping on the lotion and wearing hats and glasses to protect your eyes and face. But today I’m talking about how you can make the most of that tan and how to hang onto that beautiful glow and make the most of holiday skin.

Before spending time in the sun always prep your skin by exfoliating. The traditional Turkish bath consists of a number of procedures to heat, cleanse and exfoliate your body leaving you with the softest skin. Through experience, using an exfoliating scrub the day before a holiday has left my skin softer and glowing but also slows down peeling of the skin so my tan has lasted much longer. Soap and Glory’s Pulp friction is perfect to scrub off dead cells with a lovely fruity fragrance.

Moisturised skin will hold your tan for much longer, preventing peeling and making your skin super soft and glowing. After spending time in the sun it’s crucial to apply after-sun to cool and soothe skin whilst upping those moisture levels – one of my favourites for this is the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel. Once you’re home don’t forget about how much moisture you provided for your skin applying lotion and after sun. Keep it up by using an in-shower moisturiser to lock in silky soft skin whilst showering, perfect for those of us who get fed up applying lotions and moisturisers.

Alongside this, I moisturise morning and night, yes I am obsessed with soft silky skin but also my skin is naturally dry because of eczema. One of my favourites, especially at night time is the Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream, rub it straight onto warm freshly bathed skin and it soaks in like a dream leaving you feeling soft and smelling of relaxing lavender. When you just can’t hold on to your tan for much longer and you have to give into your skin renewing then a gradual moisturiser like the Ambre Solaire Hydrating Tan Maintainer will top up your skin with a natural golden bronze colour whilst keeping skin soft and hydrated.

Are you heading somewhere sunny soon? How do you hold on to and preserve your tan?

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