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Now this is a post I’ve been waiting to do for ages! I got the Bunty Pink gift box for my birthday. I was so excited to see what was inside that I totally forgot to take pictures of the lovely packaging whoops. However, you can go on the website and check out their lovely gift wrapped boxes and they have an amazing range of them too. Now I never really dived into the whole bath bomb/bubble bar scene before I tried this box. Sad to say I didn’t understand the hype… however I am totally converted now. The products are amazing they make your bath look pretty and your skin feel so luxurious. They really are a pamper in a bar/bomb. I also love the lush ethos as they are cruelty free and actively support charities, including banning greyhound racing. Which I am a 100% behind. I really admire lush for this and think it’s such an amazing company. So onto the products…

Creamy Candy is a bubble bar with a sweet scent of candy floss and moisturising properties such as almond and cocoa butter. The smell is the first thing that will grab you with this, it’s amazing. It does smell like sweet candyfloss and is like nothing I’ve ever smelt in a bath product before. All you do with the bubble bars is crumble them into the water and they literally melt away. They are also generously sized so I usually break it in half and save the other half for another day. I also do this with the bath bombs but this can be a little trickier to do. Now this bubble bar isn’t as relaxing as others but it does make your skin feel amazing and also smell amazing too. I definitely recommend.

Space girl is a huge purple bath bomb which comes covered in glitter (but you can’t see it because of my rubbish photography haha). I was very worried about the glitter (which is named space dust, which I quite enjoy) and it getting absolutely everywhere including in my hair but it’s really not that bad. It’s also said to have cracking candy in but I didn’t notice this? It’s a very fruity fragrance, with grapefruit oil and bergamot oil but also has the almond oil with its moisturising properties. I didn’t enjoy this bath bomb that much. I’m not sure if it’s because I prefer a relaxing bath or just because it wasn’t all that moisturising. I’d love to know your thoughts on space girl.

Think Pink is such a pretty bath bomb which actually has little coloured flowers in the top of it, but yet again my photography failed on this one. I think I should’ve stuck them down to stop them rolling about!! This bath bomb was definitely better than space girl. It’s a relaxing one with vanilla and Tonka fragrance and there are also teeny confetti hearts which float around your bath. It’s a very pretty bath bomb and also relaxing. It’s a very sweet scent and there is lavender oil thrown in there to help make your experience so so relaxing. This one also made my skin feel really lovely (despite having to pick off the confetti hearts). This is one of my favourites and I will definitely be repurchasing.

The comforter is my favourite out of all four. This really is the ultimate relaxing bath product ever! The bar itself is huge so you only need half for a bath full of lovely foam and bubbles. The comforter is a beautiful colour and makes your bath look really pretty too. It has cassis absolute, which gives of a distinct blackcurrant fragrance and there is also bergamot which is a little uplifting. I absolutely love the smell of this bubble bar and when you get out of the bath that smell just continues. It made me feel really relaxed and so so moisturised. This is definitely my favourite so far and I cannot wait to get my next bar!

These are just my thoughts on the four bath products I tried. I’d love to hear your thoughts on lush bath products and what your favourites are. Which lush bath products do you love? Have you ever tried any of their gift boxes? Be sure to let me know your thoughts below. Love Laura xx

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