Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush: £5.25

Today is a post about something I’ve wanted to try for so long but after going through my patch of perioral dermatitis I sadly couldn’t try this. I had heard so much about this lovely bubblegum lip scrub and the wonders it does to your lips but I was under strict advice from the doctor to not use anything on my lips (except the calendula cream which eventually cured my poor lips). Anyway thank the Lord for Calendula cream and it’s healing properties because I can now smile again woohooo. I’m actually going to do a post about how I eventually got rid of perioral dermatitis as I think it could definitely be helpful for some readers.

Anyway enough of my blabbering onto this lovely product. I had heard so much about lush but I said I was reluctant to try due to my funny dry sensitive skin and eczema. I didn’t however know that the products have lovely natural ingredients without the bad stuff, I wish I knew this before. I had always wanted to try lush and this is actually my first little lush product (besides the odd bath bomb). I would say that these are actually pretty hard to spot in the shop amongst the masses of soaps, bath bombs, lotions and potions. But I found them in a little jar which was near the till. They come in other flavours too popcorn and I minty one I believe? The packaging is really cute and I think one of the brilliant things about lush is how you can test everything and the assistants are always very helpful.

Now onto the actual product inside. The lip scrub isn’t the consistency that I initially anticipated. I thought it would be much stickier more like the scrub mixed together with petroleum jelly but it’s really not. It’s basically just like pretty pink sugar all compacted into a little jar. The smell of this lip scrub is amazing and even my brother and Dad enjoy a good scrub of this just because of the amazing smell. So you just dip your finger into the pot and scrub it onto your lips to eliminate the rough dry skin (just like exfoliating). The best bit though is afterwards you get to lick the lovely scrub off your lips and you can eat it! It’s just sugar really so it’s fine to eat and is a yummy pick me up. It really helps to use this before applying lipstick/gloss so your lipstick goes on smoother and lasts longer too. I’m really glad I got this and I now definitely want to try other products and flavours that lush have to offer.

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