Love the skin you’re in with Bio Oil

The media is full of airbrushed photos of perfect models and celebrities. Slimmed and plumped in all directions, stretch marks and cellulite air brushed away in the click of a mouse. But the reality is that around an estimated 80% of women have stretch marks. Some through child birth others through weight and hormonal changes. Even men have stretch marks, especially those who make drastic changes to their body in a short amount of time. To me, they’re completely normal and I have them on my bum and thighs from a growth spurt as a teenager. But today’s media and celebrity culture makes us feel ashamed to have stretch marks or scars. It promotes bodies which are aesthetically perfect, free from scars, skin ailments and stretch marks. But should we really feel the pressure to get rid of our stretch marks?

Stretch marks are one of the most natural things your body produces. Something we most certainly should not be ashamed of! Stretch marks are formed when the middle layer of your skin is suddenly stretched, causing microscopic bleeding and tissue inflammation. When stretch marks become ‘settled’ they turn white or silver in colour and become flatter. But to me it’s not about getting rid of my stretch marks, I am most certainly not ashamed of them. I have come a long way to embrace my growth and my battle scars. But loving my skin also means caring for it properly. Having eczema and dermatitis, my skin gets very dry and irritable in Winter. I’ve given myself scars on my legs from scratching eczema in the middle of the night, having to wrap myself in bandages and gloves. Bio Oil has helped to heal and repair my skin, as well as soothing and providing that moisture when it gets so tight. Bio oil* contains Vitamin A and B, which aim to promote skin regeneration and increasing the elasticity and collagen in your skin, improving scar tissue and the healing process but also providing moisture and that important protective barrier for dehydrated skin. I literally apply a small amount directly to my skin and massage away until it’s penetrated the skin. Bio Oil is available in most Pharmacies, Supermarkets and Drug Stores you can pick it up here. 

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