Love for Avon

Happy Easter everybody! At the moment I’m home from Uni for 2 weeks and with all my friends back home we had a reunion night out. My Mum always brings the Avon brochure home as one of her friends at work is a rep and she always lets me choose some things that I like (such a good Mum). I noticed the new Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation and put an order in straight away. It was also on offer for £7 instead of £12 I think so even better! I did have difficult picking the colour though as my usual shade looked really light and I would not consider myself to have light skin. Anyway 2 weeks later the foundation came in shade Golden. This is a teeny bit dark but when I go out I wear St Tropez so actually it suited me perfect.

So this is me when I went out on Monday. Apologies for the bad picture I’m not very photogenic and just wanted a picture to show how nice the foundation sets. It really is such a good foundation, especially for the price. It goes on nicely more of a medium coverage but it is build able. I like that it isn’t too matte looking and it gives my dry skin a healthy glow. Avon products are really good value for money and a good quality, a lot of people don’t think of looking at Avon products and I think it is very underrated. This foundation campaign is also fronted by Alesha Dixon.

You can get the Avon Ideal Flawless foundation from your local avon rep or on the avon website here. It comes in so many shades for light/medium and dark (15 shades in total). I have never seen an avon foundation come in so many shades which is pretty impressive, so I’m sure there is a match for everyone. I think I’m going to purchase another bottle in a lighter shade for everyday because I love it so much! Have you tried any Avon products or this foundation?

P.S My castor oil came and I am currently sat with it on my head it smells gorgeous and I’m so excited to track my results.

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