June Sales: Zara and Victoria’s Secret

Hi lovelies. If you didn’t already know Zara have a huuuge sale on right now both online and in-store and in case you didn’t know it’s definitely my favourite on the high street. As soon as I got the e-mail, I was straight online ordering. I then popped into the Leeds store and noticed they had different items in store… so I obviously made some extra purchases. Also my favourite underwear store Victoria’s Secret have their semi-annual sale going on. I’m hoping to do outfit pictures including some items but for now here is what I bought.

Leaf Print Crop Top | £25.99 £17.99 This one was an in store purchase and they had lots left in the one I went to. Now I don’t think I would usually go for something like this but I tried it on and it looked so pretty. It’s very silky with some sheer panels but they don’t reveal much which is good. I really like the green colour and the print is just lovely. I’m really happy with this and can’t wait to feature it in holiday pictures.

Jeans | £29.99 £19.99 These were one of those unnecessary purchases but I do really love them. I already ordered the Zara jeans from the internet but at this point them still hadn’t arrived. Whoops. So I ended up getting another pair. However, I do prefer these to the other jeans in this post. They are not high high waisted but they rise up a little higher than usual and they look really good, especially when I paired them with the crop top! I also like the little roll ups on the bottom (which aren’t sewn in). Zara are definitely winning on the jean front!

Neoprene Printed Skirt | £19.99 £12.99 [link] I’ve noticed a lot of neoprene on the high street atm. Even making bikinis out of it, so I definitely thought it was time I got my hands on some. This skirt fits like a dream! It hugs your curves but doesn’t cut into your body or roll up because of the nature of the fabric. It’s such a pretty print which I can pair with so much because of the different pretty pastel colours. I want it in other colours now! Hint Hint Zara.

Printed Jacket with Fringing| £29.99 £22.99 [link]

Now Kimonos are such a huge trend right now and I just love the print of this one. I saw it in store a few weeks ago but I was unsure of the length. It is longer than the usual kimonos but I thought this would be perfect to cover your bum with leggings and also thrown over a bikini. When I saw it on the website I knew it was one of those buy it or you’ll regret it purchases! Can’t wait to show this off in an outfit post.

Ripped Skinny Jeans | £19.99 £17.99

Now I apologise because I cannot find the link for these at all. I’ve wanted some ripped skinny jeans for a while now and I wanted to steer away from my usual topshop leigh jeans. I love Zara jeans. I find they fit perfect, which is really suprising because some of their sizes can be very sporadic! I have quite a big bum for my shape and find some jeans can gape at the back but Zara jeans always seem to fit so perfectly!

Flat Glitter Sandal | £25.99 £15.99 [link]

Now these sandals are my favourite I have bought for a while. I love wearing sandals and the feeling of having air to your feet all day and not sweating away in your shoes (I know eww). However, I don’t really like my toes being out. I’m sure it’s not just me who is toe conscious? These sandals are perfect because they cover your toes over but they’re still open to the air. They’re also really comfy which is surprising as they’re so flat. The colour is also a winner because you can wear with gold or silver! These will be on my feet aaaaalll Summer!

Dream Angel Bra | £62.00 £29.50

Now I wouldn’t usually post my underwear on the internet but when it looks this pretty I’m sure it’s ok! This bra is absolutely stunning. It has the prettiest lace pattern and there are teeny little diamantes, which are probably a nightmare for the washing machine (must remember to handwash) but they’re stunning! Victoria’s Secret do the comfiest bras ever. They are the perfect fit and the fabric is just so soft. I wouldn’t pay the original crazy price for it but I can understand why some people would.

Pink Shorts | £22.99 £11.50

Ok so they’re not Pink they’re a greeny/blue colour but they’re from the Pink section of Victoria’s Secret. This section is made for teenagers or young adults and has much friendlier prices. They also have the most amazing sports and yoga clothes. Now I’ve needed some running shorts for a while. The type that your bottom doesn’t eat and that don’t fall down either. These are perfect. They have a rather good underwear section which is like built in pants underneath the actual shorts. This makes them so comfy when running. They also have the little slits at the side so they rise up with your leg then go back down. I tested them on my weekend run and I love them, there’s even a little pocket for your house key.

Pink Sports Bra| £24.99 £14.50

Oh wow. These are the comfiest sports bras ever. I have a few from PINK and they are just amazing. They have the coolest designs and patterns and are just so cute. They are padded so give you a little bit of confidence when working out and they just keep everything perfectly in place. These are definitely my all time favourite sports bras.

Have you been hitting the sales recently? What are your favourite sale picks? Let me know below! Have a lovely week.

Love Laura


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