Jerome Russell Bblonde Toner | Champagne Blonde

Jerome Russell Bblonde Colour Toner | Champagne Blonde | £4.49*

Having blonde hair it’s a constant battle between keeping your colour refreshed and maintaining the strength and health of your hair. I was recently asked if I’d like to try a hair toner by Jerome Russell Bblonde and jumped at the opportunity. I have tried the powder bleach from the Bblonde range and I loved using it as it was so easy to colour my roots with but obviously using bleach every 5 weeks meant I had to stop otherwise my hair would’ve been in terrible condition. However, this time I was using a toner. If you haven’t used a toner before they are basically a colour refresher which can be used to neutralise unwanted tones or temporarily add tones. The toners in the range are for use on pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair and have no ammonia or peroxide which means they are kind to your hair. I chose the champagne blonde as I wanted to refresh my blonde but I didn’t want the silver tones.

Of course I was a little nervous as I am whenever I do anything to my hair. But the instructions are so easy to follow and be sure to do the strand test first in case of allergies and to see how long you might need to keep the toner on for. You apply this to towel dried hair so shampooed not conditioned then loosely dried. It comes out in a shampoo like consistency which smelt lovely and was a non-drip formula. I used the full bottle, applying to the lengths then working up and into the roots. I then stuck on a shower cap and heated it up with my hair dryer for 5 minutes. After half an hour I rinsed my hair and conditioned as normal.

My hair felt super soft and in great condition. I dried it off with a hair dryer to reveal the results and I’m impressed. It’s no huge change but remember it isn’t a hair colour. I feel it’s refreshed my colour and even given me an extra few weeks before I need highlights again. I was afraid that I would end up with pink blushed hair but I definitely don’t have this, just beautiful beige shades instead. If your looking to refresh your hair colour and neutralise brassiness for an affordable price of £4.49 you should definitely try this range. You can view the range at or buy yours here and here.

Have you tried any of the Jerome Russell Bblonde range? What do you do to maintain your hair colour?

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