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Seen as I added the ‘fitness’ tag to my blog I thought it was about time I actually posted something fitness related. This is something that a lot of people ask me about and so many people find it so difficult to start. As you guessed it’s running. Many people say to me, ‘I don’t know how you do it’, ‘I can’t even run up the stairs’ and some even say ‘you’re crazy’. But guess what, I understand this because I had to start somewhere. Nobody is born running, ok some people obviously find it easier and it comes natural but I’m not one of those. For those of you who are wanting to get your running trainers on and pound the pavements here are some of my tips…

A Running Partner

One of the best tips I can give you is to run with someone else. You don’t even have to talk to them! I run with my Dad, who has ran half marathons and cross the line of the London Marathon last year in an impressive time. He is my whole inspiration and ever since I watched him run London I have wanted to be in that position. I run with him all the time, sometimes I feel like I’m holding him back but he doesn’t mind. Trust me, if I went running alone all the time I’d run to the end of the street and run back home. Running with someone else keeps you going and it’s also good to have someone else to pace you, so you don’t burn out too quickly.

The Correct Gear

Ok now as much as I love buying new running clothes I’m not talking fashion here. I’m talking suitable footwear. When I first started out running I used my Nike Free Runs 5.0. However, I got seriously bad calf pain and it used to put me out for days (I could also feel every stone under my feet when running). These were not a good choice and I knew with the miles I would be doing I needed a bit of support. I went to Up and Running, where they watch you run, assess your running style and foot type, then offer you a selection of lovely trainers. I cannot recommend them enough and they do know what they’re talking about. It’s so important to know your foot type and running style and to get fitted properly!


I rely on my trust IPhone so much throughout my runs. I started out using the Nike Sensor you put into your shoes but I found this was so far out. I then went onto using Map My Run but I dislike how it only gives you feedback after every kilometre. So now I’m using the Nike Running app. It provides me with feedback on my speed, distance, pace and at the end of your run it tells me my splits! Each run you do is saved so you can track your progress, it’s also good to compete with yourself to better your times. You can add friends to it to give you a little bit more inspiration and add your own playlists! I would recommend anyone who is starting out running to set up an upbeat playlist with songs that will keep you going. I have songs like Kanye West ‘Stronger’ and Avicii ‘Wake Me Up’.

There is also a good app which my friend is using right now called ‘Couch to 5K’. This is basically an app for beginners to get you running 3 miles in no time. It has a running programme which consists of walking and short runs to build you up over time. This is such a good idea and it’s always good to follow a training plan. I use a training plan at the minute and ticking each day off makes you feel so successful!

Don’t Forget What You’re Running For

The whole reason I first started running was watching my inspirational Dad run the London Marathon. I signed myself up for the Great North Run with hopes to cross the finish line with my Dad this year. We’re running in memory of my Great Grandma and Nanna who both had the awful disease dementia. Having something to run for and feeling like you are making a difference gives you that little push of inspiration when you’re struggling with gruelling hip pain 5 miles in. Don’t ever forget what you’re running for! Even if it’s just a personal fitness goal always picture the end result.

Those are my best tips for starting running. I’d also say don’t stop! Many times I’ve gone out ran to the end of the street and thought oh gosh I’m going to die my legs wont carry me. But your body can do amazing things. Keep going and always picture the end goal. If any of you would be kind enough to sponsor me doing my half marathon you can do so HERE I’d be so grateful and will thank you forever! Let me know if any of you have taken on board any of my tips. Or, if you have some of your own tips to add.

P.S. If that all fails just think of Ryan Gosling…


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