How I Changed My Eating Habits

Now I had to think hard about the title of this post. The word ‘diet’ tends to be used where someone eats less food or cuts out food groups for a desirable body image or for medical reasons. However ‘diet’ to me is more about lifestyle choices and changes which aren’t temporary but long term. I chose to make changes to my lifestyle and health to become a healthier and happier version of me and one of those changes and choices is the food I now eat. These pictures aren’t great (especially the sunglasses falling off haha) but are a perfect example of crash dieting (on the left) and long term healthier eating habits (right).

The food choices I made previously weren’t great, eating for the sake of eating and eating for boredom. Most meals were based around chips and potatoes and if it didn’t go with these I wasn’t eating it. My goals were to eat nutritious, wholesome food which would fuel my body for my workouts and everyday living. Which in turn, resulted in greater energy, improved skin and an overall improvement in how I felt inside. I started my healthier lifestyle in February of this year and only a few months in, I have definitely seen big changes in my body shape. I was super happy on my holiday and yes I ate doughnuts and ice cream but I also made sure I had my protein on a morning and plenty of greens on my plate. Now I’m back thought it’s about sticking to the healthier lifestyle as I’ve found the longer you do it, the easier it becomes and soon enough it becomes habit.

It’s not about depriving your body of all fats and carbs, because realistically this is an unsustainable choice and may work for 8 weeks but long term you’re setting yourself up for failure and those pounds you lost in the first place will easily come back and bring their friends along for the party too. If I want a Chinese I’ll have one, but the following day I’ll make sure I do those extra reps in the gym or be careful with my food choices. Depriving yourself of anything isn’t a clever idea and can lead to binging, which none of us want right? So don’t cut, instead follow a balanced yet flexible way of eating.

A typical day for me would be: Breakfast: Porridge with fruit and a coffee; Morning snack: Fruit and nuts; Lunch: A tuna and rice salad with fruit and quark for after; Pre-gym: Shake or a quest bar; Dinner: Salmon, veg and rice. Eating a balanced diet from the different food groups is a huge part of improving physically and feeling better on the inside too. Of course the gym has played a huge part in my healthier lifestyle and body changes but making healthier choices definitely accounts for 80% of my progress. As they say, Abs are made in the kitchen! Below I’ve included some of my typical meals …

As always if you want me to know more about my journey to better health let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear about what you guys want me to post. If you’re needing a bit of inspiration and motivation you can always check out my instagram where I’m forever posting and liking food and fitness inspo. Have you embarked on your own journey of a healthier lifestyle? What’s your experience with crash diets? Have a happy healthy week!

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