Healthy Lunch Ideas | Mason Salad Jars

Lately I’ve been Pintresting like mad. Pinterest isn’t just great for inspiration for hair and home but gives me so much motivation and inspiration for nutritious yummy food ideas. The idea of a mason jar is that you strategically pile the yummy ingredients and flavours into the jar, then when you’re ready to eat tip it out into a bowl. The great thing about mason jars is how you can fill them with lots of salad, carbs and dressing and because of your strategic placement of ingredients, it won’t be soggy come lunch time. I really love the idea of not having to worry about your salad rolling about your lunchbox on your commute and a fresh salad come lunch time is perfect.

The best way to do it is by firstly loading in your dressing, this goes in first so the greens on top don’t get soggy through the day. Then add in a protein like chicken or fish and some carbs like rice or pasta, this will stop the rest of the ingredients getting wet from the dressing so your salad will still be nice and crisp. If you’re wanting to add in nuts, seeds, raisins or dried fruits add them in next before finally adding the salad with lots of leafy greens. When it’s time for lunch, pour the contents out into a bowl and it will be fresh, yummy and ready to eat!

You can pick up mason jars from here with different sizes and variations to suit every body’s food needs and portion sizes. I’ve included some yummy ideas from my favourite pins to get you inspired to create your own mason salads. You can also follow me over on Pinterest to check out my favourite pins!

What will you be adding to your mason jar?

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