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After having my hair highlighted and cut last week I realised I don’t really ask for any style/cut in particular. I am really indecisive when it comes to hair colour and mine has been dark brown, light brown, ash blonde, platinum blonde and now I’m back to the trusty light blonde. I used to work in a hairdressers and I still go to the same place with the same Stylist who has done my hair for around 8 years, so she knows what I like and what suits me. But sometimes I feel like I should change up my hair a little, even if I have only had the same colour for like 2 weeks. I am really indecisive and either a hairdressers dream or worst nightmare (eeek). I have convinced myself I’m not going to change my hair colour as I love being blonde and always go brown and think I wish I was blonde again, but my goal is to have long hair. The castor oil is working, which I will update you on in another post, but I’m still going with it and wont stop until I reach my goal hair length of around like boob length. These are some of the photos which inspire me for longer healthy hair …

I would die for hair like this!!!

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