Hair Favourite: Shu Uemera Art of Hair Essence Absolue Hair Oil

Shu Umera Essence Absolue | £33.50 | link

Hello lovely people. Thank God it’s the weekend! I’ve had a terrible week, consisting of me being poorly most of the week. I’ve had the horrid cold virus and I woke up today and it’s final going, phew. Anyway today is another one of those hair posts. If you haven’t gathered by now I love my hair products and I will try anything to make my hair grow. Now Shu Uemera is one of those brands I have NEVER tried before and I don’t suppose it’s especially well known for hair products either. I stumbled across this hair oil and read some amazing reviews and I couldn’t resist.

Now I’ve tried almost every oil under the sun and this one comes out tops. This oil is made with camellia oil, said to nourish hair and protect it whilst keeping it lovely and soft. The texture of the oil is very runny and it comes out quite clear. The smell is amazing! Probably not as nice as Moroccan oil but I do love it. On the bottle it says you can use this before shampooing as a treatment. But I’ve never used it in this way. After shampooing and conditioning as normal I towel dry my hair they apply 1 or 2 pumps to the mid-lengths and to the ends of my hair. One thing I also love is that it isn’t greasy and it doesn’t weigh your hair down like some other hair oils. This means you can use it on dry hair to smooth down fly-aways and to moisturise frazzled split ends. You don’t get any horrible discoloured build up on your hair either and it just makes your hair look shiny and fabulous!

I love the pump design as it keeps mess to a minimum. The oil lasts ages. You only use a tiny amount and that goes so far that the bottle never seems to go down? So even though it’s a little expensive it’s totally worth it. I’ve found that this oil has really helped to keep my hair in top condition and has also contributed to my hair growth. There’s a picture of my long beachy locks (which I am very proud of!) below.

Have you tried this hair oil, what did you think? What are your favourite hair products for lovely long locks?

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