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So today I’m talking gym classes. Now I know that you’re probably sat there with a fry up watching Sunday morning tv but maybe this might give us all a bit of motivation for Monday! Many people say that they have never been to a gym class because they fear they might not know what to do or just look a fool. But when your paying money for a gym with inclusive classes you should make full use of all facilities. However, I do know that feeling as I used to be scared of going to classes too. But once you set your fears aside you’ll never look back to the cross trainer. Personally, I love classes because of the following:

Motivation: You’re not going to give in or walk out when there’s a class full of other people and a trainer. You want to impress and keep up with the rest.

Structure: In the gym you might find yourself not knowing what to do next or just spending an hour on a cross trainer watching the TV but you could be working so much harder and better in the short time of 20 minutes. You’ll also be amazed at how quickly time flies.

Commitment: I put my name down for the classes I want to go to on a Sunday. Which means when Monday comes around I can’t talk myself out of it and I’ll make sure my ass is there!

There are so many classes out there so there will always be one to suit you, from treadmill classes to lifting weights and yoga. Here are some of my favourites..

Metafit – Body Weight Training

A fairly new class which is a completely different concept to anything I’ve ever done before. Basically 30 minutes of pure working your ass off with a maximum of 20 seconds rest between each exercise. No but really, it helps to burn fat by raising your resting metabolism but also works major muscle groups at the same time. It’s not only a cardio class because it consists of exercise which mean using your own body weight to work particular muscle groups. Some typical exercises are tuck jump squats, burpees and walk out press ups but for all of these the instructor offers an easier and harder alternative. I love this class, even though the thought of it is torturous, you will see results and changes real quick (achy legs for the next 2 days aswell). If your gym doesn’t offer metafit classes similar classes are: insanity, circuits and any plyometric training. Before I started this class I couldn’t do a press up, now I’ve progressed to full press ups and even doing the variations!

Body Pump

The Les Mills classes are everywhere now and have truly made a mark on gym timetables across the country. If you haven’t heard of Les Mills before they are the masters of all gyms classes including: body pump, body attack, body combat, RPM (spin) and body balance. Body Pump is a barbell class which sculpts, tones and strengthens your entire body. I know you’ll be thinking, what WEIGHTS, I don’t want to look like a body builder, but seriously even 10 minutes of resistance training 3 times a week can increase the amount of energy you burn by 127 calories a day! Each track focuses on a certain muscle groups and you change the weights on your bar to suit your own strength. I love this as it’s not as scary as approaching the free weight area and the instructor helps you to perfect your form in positions such as deadlifts, chest press and bicep curls. A great class to feel an all over burn without getting out of breath.

Yoga and Pilates

Many a time people ask, what is the difference between these classes? Yoga focuses more on the mind and using breathing techniques to achieve relaxation, whereas pilates uses breathing techniques to provide muscles with the energy that they need for the movements. They’re both great for stretching and strengthening (with yoga focusing more on flexibility whilst pilates focuses on strengthening) but I’ve recently turned to yoga for the ‘me time’ and relaxation it brings. There are also so many variations of yoga from bikram (think hot and sweaty) to ashtanga (a fast paced sequence of movements, read more here. Once you look past the women walking around with their yoga mats and bare feet it really is a great class. I’ve found it’s helped hugely with anxiety and stress and I’m going to continue in my path. If you’re a little nervous about starting yoga then check out some beginners videos on youtube then walk in a class looking like a pro.

I know there are so many more other classes but I couldn’t list everything. I’d also like to mention Spin or RPM is great for cardio and I do it inbetween runs to help with recovery, as unless you fall off the bike you can’t really injure yourself.

If you’d like to know about any more of my workouts or any other classes or tips just let me know in the comments! I’d also love to hear what classes you love and would recommend for me to try. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to work out this week, never miss a Monday!!

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