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As the temperature here in England has finally began to drop this means time for the central heating to be turned up and wrapping up warm in snuggly jumpers. But with the cold, brisk Winter air comes dry skin, suffering from both the cold and sudden change in temperatures as you step into a snug house! I find that in Winter time my skin suddenly changes to the ‘very dry’ skin category. Flaking around my cheeks and in-between my eyebrows is all too common. One way I look at controlling this is through my skin care by using thicker moisturisers and overnight creams. However one little beauty I have come across is the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil.

Previously if you would have told me to put an oil on my face I would’ve thought you were plain old silly. But after using cleansing oils and butters and seeing the difference they’ve made to my skin I was more than willing to give it a go. This is a much smaller version of the 30ml bottle which Balance Me sell, which I believe came in my Glamour beauty box a few months ago. As it’s a smaller bottle it comes in a roll on which makes it super easy to roll on straight to those dry areas of my face.

The oil is designed to be applied morning and night, I apply a moisturiser over the top too to lock in moisture and because it’s so light it absorbs quickly into my skin. The oil itself is packed with conditioning moringa and camellia oils along with calming Roman chamomile, yarrow and benzoin which is said to enhance skin of all ages and types. It has a beautiful scent too with a delicious orange blossom aroma which is a bit of a pick me up on a morning!

I’d definitely recommend this not just for dry skin but for all types of skin. It works great at protecting your skin from the brisk air but also rehydrating skin on a night time. Which means on a morning you wake up with beautifully soft, glowing skin. It is quite expensive at £30 but you only need 2 drops for the whole of your face, so it will last such a long time.

What do you use on your face throughout the Winter months?

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