Having just come back off holiday, not being in the gym for over 10 days the thought of going back is daunting. Losing progress, not having a clue what to do and feeling out of touch are all factors holding me back. But a break from the gym has done me wonders. On holiday I worked out twice, mostly because it’s become part of my lifestyle and I love the endorphins released after a good workout. But while I was away I enjoyed myself, no macro tracking, eating all the foods, drinking cocktails and endless supplies of fanta lemon! Because why shouldn’t you allow yourself free reign on holiday? Now being back, I truly appreciate all the effort I put in before. It’s only encouraged me to get better, stronger and continue on my journey.

So where do we begin? Starting again you need a clear plan of what you want to achieve. For me, it’s getting back into the weights section, building on those compound lifts and also seeing if my strength is still there. Muscle memory will help along the way, now completely healed after a break from lifting my muscles will be able to work at full capacity activating those muscle fibres effectively. Going back to the gym you need to be clear on your workout. This will help you get in there, without worrying what to do, which machines to use and debating going home. For me, I write my workouts in my notes, keep track of what I’ve lifted and the reps and sets, so I can aim to improve on this the next time. It’s also a good idea to keep your workout short, don’t spend over an hour in there exhausting yourself. Keep it short maybe 45minutes – 1hour and don’t be blasting yourself with high intensity cardio, 5 minutes of HIIT at the end of your workout is sufficient.

Having a gym buddy can also help you get back, they’ll motivate you to go and make sure you don’t flake out. For me, social media is also a huge motivator. I’ve heard it before, those people complaining about others ‘checking in at the gym’, but surround yourself with positive people who will celebrate your successes. Having a fitness instagram is amazing because everyone is so positive and we all encourage each other to be our best. So even if it is posting a gym selfie or the aftermath of your workout, hopefully someone out there will encourage you (if not just add me, i’m always on it).

The worst bit is thinking about it. Thinking it over and considering every negative point about the gym or what possibly (but never will) happen. The weights aren’t gonna crush you, you won’t fall off the stepper or get your hair caught in the treadmill. Just go there, get it done and you’ll feel so much better.

Love Laura


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