Garnier Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser…

Hello lovelies, hope you have enjoyed you weekend I enjoyed the extra hour in bed last night! Now I do mention in my ‘about me’ bit that I love a good bargain and I have an eye for free samples as I love the opportunity to try out products before I buy.

Now I got these samples from the garnier website they do quite a few samples and I’ve tried their BB cream samples before too. So I received 7 sachets of moisturiser to try for a week and see if my skin was any softer. They give you a little sticker to test if your skin is still dry where you see how much skin is on the paper at the start and compare it with the end, however mine was still pretty dry, although I do have eczema which is probably the reason. I applied the moisturiser every night after my shower and it is a lovely smelling moisturiser which rubs in really easily. However I don’t think it’s thick enough for my dry skin. I did get the extra dry skin cream with added shea butter which smells lovely but I think my skin only benefits from ultra thick moisturisers or body butters which I slather on and have to wait until they sink in ha. It is a lovely moisturiser though for maybe Spring/Summer when my skin isn’t feeling so dry. I would recommend it to anyone with normal or even a little bit of dry skin as it feels lovely and rubs in really well, but if you’re like me with eczema I’d recommend a body butter. You can buy this from Boots/Superdrug or Supermarkets for around £2.99 and it comes in 5 different lotions for different types of skins.

Have you tried the Garnier Intensive 7 day moisturiser? What’s your favourite everyday moisturiser? I’m going to sit back now and watch the X Factor results, did anyone catch it yesterday when Gary called Tulisa ‘fag ash breath’ eeeek so much drama. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night xxx

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