Foxy Locks Clip-in Extensions Review

Hello lovelies, today’s post is a long awaited review of my foxy locks extensions. I have always used clip in extensions from being like 14 years old, but I never knew much about the quality of the hair and I just bought the cheapest strips from my local Extras. Now before I bought my foxy locks I hadn’t worn extensions for around a year as I got annoyed with the bad quality of them and how they always wore thin after a month. So my aim was to find some good quality extensions for a reasonable price. I first heard of foxy locks extensions from reading Kayleigh’s post, her hair looks absolutely gorgeous and I knew I needed some foxy locks. So after reading countless reviews from all over the world I finally sent off a picture of my hair to so they could tell me which colour I needed. I must admit it’s difficult to choose a colour as you can’t physically match them against your hair so it’s good they have this service available. Imogen, the owner of foxy locks, also has a you tube channel in which she shows you the different hair colours available. So I was told my closest match was lightest ash blonde #60, so I ordered the 20inch set in 120g which seemed more than enough hair.

I payed for the standard delivery which is £2.99 and the extensions were £56.00 which is very reasonable for the quality and amount of hair and they came within 3days. The top picture shows what the packaging looks likes, mine came with a little hair extension clip on the corner not sure why ha. So I ordered the regular 120g, they also do deluxe (160g) and superior (215g) which just seems too heavy for my head really. I do have quite thick hair and the 120g set is plenty of hair as I don’t like it when people have so many extensions clipped it in looks like they have a big head haha and makes the clips more visible.The 120g consists of : Two x 8″ wide with 4 clips Two x 6″ wide with 3 clips Two x 4″ wide with 2 clips Four x 2″ wide with 1 clip

The colour of the extensions wasn’t quite right for my hair as the bottom layers of my hair are a bit darker than the top. So I used some Jerome bleach to lighten the bottom of my hair a bit ombre style but now the hair matches perfectly. The below pictures are after my hair was dyed to match. They are a really gorgeous light colour though and have lowlights and highlights so they blend perfectly with my hair now.

The quality of the hair is amazing. They are 100% remy hair extensions which means they are cuticle correct and the hair wont tangle or get matted like non-remy hair. The first thing I did when I took them out of the packaging was stroke them from like 10minutes they are honestly so soft and shiny. They are also really easy to style and hold a curl pretty well mine still have a curl in them from a few weeks ago and I didn’t even hairspray them. The clips are really good quality too, they have a little bit of rubber on so they grip onto your hair really well and they are pretty small so they’re easy to disguise under your hair. There are a few instructions on the packaging to follow to keep your extensions in good form; they suggest using heat protection spray, brushing them gently before/after use (I use my tangle teezer which works really well) and wash them in a nourishing shampoo/conditioner every few weeks. They are real hair so they will get split ends but mine are perfect at the minute.

The length of the extensions are 20″ which is pretty long to me as I have previously had 16 or 18″ ones. You can cut them though but they are a perfect length to curl as they don’t spring up too short and I think I will just wear them when I want my hair curly. The bottom picture shows the length I would prefer them if I wore them straight. I think if you were going to wear them straight it is best to get them cut at the hairdressers as there isn’t a distinct line to the bottom of the hair which makes the ends look pretty thin. If you had hair above your shoulders too they would probably be too long and wouldn’t blend very well so you would need them cutting to blend in with your hair. With my hair you can’t see the ends so they do blend really well which I’m pleased about.

Overall I really love these extensions and would recommend them to anyone wanting a quick clip in fix. I only wear extensions when I go out so they probably wouldn’t be ideal if you’re wanting to wear them everyday, you would be best with a more permanent solution such as micro-bonded extensions. I hope you found this helpful if you’ve been considering buying some foxy locks, if you have any questions or if I haven’t mentioned something please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Have you ever tried foxy locks extensions? What type of extensions do you prefer?

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