Fitness Friday | Coconut Joy with My Protein

I was recently contacted by to ask if I’d like to try some of their products. Myprotein is a brand I haven’t come across before and with my love of fitness I was so keen to try their range. They don’t just stock protein powders, infact their products range from protein waters to snack bars and vitamins and capsules. As I have a huge obsession with coconut I had to try their Chocolate Coconut Whey Protein Powder and also their Coconpure Coconut Oil.

A common misconception is that protein powders will make you look like Popeye. This is definitely not true, it takes a hell of a lot of work for us women to build mass muscle and drinking protein isn’t going to do it for you. In fact research has found that protein can actually help to reduce body fat therefore aiding weight loss. But anyway that’s not my goal, I take protein to help control my protein intake (as I don’t eat any red meats) but also to help with recovery. I was a little unsure about the flavours at first as in the past I’ve tried protein shakes which were vile. But with this one I needn’t worry, it tastes absolutely amazing and so much nicer and healthier than any chocolate bar. You can also buy the smaller sample sachets, like above, before committing to the larger pouch. It was really easy to mix up and I didn’t end up with any lumps. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavours in the range such as; rocky road, chocolate peanut butter and jam roly poly (yes you read that right).

The second product I tried was their 100% organic Coconpure Coconut Oil. Coconut oils play a big part in my diet and I used them for cooking, frying and even in smoothies. They’re a healthy alternative to your usual oils with unique saturated fat content making it the healthiest dietary oil around. As expected it’s brilliant, really easy to scoop out (use a spoon) with a great taste and I know the size of this will last me such a long time making it great value! Go check out there product range here.

Do you use protein powders as part of your diet? Have you come across my protein before?

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