Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

Hi lovelies, hope you’re all ok! I know I say this all the time by my gosh January has flown. Although, I’m pretty glad to be heading out of the most depressing month of the year and into February. A month full of love, my birthday and a new feature for my blog: Fitness February!! I’ll tell you more about it in my new post but today I’m focusing on mascaras. Mascara was the very first makeup product I tried, even before lipgloss! So it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share and had many a disaster with different products. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 favourite which are all available from the highstreet shops like boots and superdrug for very affordable prices!

Collection Lengthening Mascara | £3.99 | link

This mascara came in one of my beauty boxes and I’m glad it. I feel like collection is one of the brands I rarely experiment with, even thought their concealer is a holy grail! This mascara definitely does what is says on the packaging, and the rubber brush helps to makes my lashes look super long without being clumpy. One problem is that if you do try layer it can crumble off so I tend to just work it up when it’s wet. But it’s a mascara I just wear everyday for work and it does the job well for a great price!

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara | £9.99 | link

A little bit pricer than the usual drugstore mascaras but this is definitely a firm favourite for me. The oversized brush is just amazing at lengthening my lashes and building volume at the same time. It’s really good at working into your lashes to lift them up! It makes my lashes look super long whilst holding a curl, lasting all day even throughout my gym sessions. Can’t credit Revlon enough for this.

Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara | £9.99 | link

Another beauty box mascara which won a Grazia Beauty Award last year. Such a brilliant mascara for voluminous, full lashes perfect for a night out! It’s definitely better at giving volume rather than lengthening which makes it great for that thick, full lash look. The brush also works really well on lower lashes which is something I can sometimes find tricky to do. Also available in a waterproof version.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara | £7.99 | link

Probably my favourite mascara ever, even up against the high end mascaras I own. This mascara beats any other! Not only does it give you amazingly long lashes but the curved brush helps to lift and give volume to every single lash. It really does make your lashes look like ‘falsies’. I’ve never had any clumps using this and the curved brush allows you to lift your lashes so easily. I have the waterproof version which actually removes really easily with my oil/balm cleansers. You can tell by how caked up it is that it’s my ultimate Holy Grail!!!

What drugstore mascaras are you loving? How do they compare to high end products?

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