Clinique | Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This is a review about an amazing product which as you can probably tell from the pictures, I have been using such a long time! It’s the amazing Clinique take the day off cleansing balm. Now before I tried this I was never really into fancy cleansers. I used to just use a Nivea or Garnier milky cream cleanser and that would do the job. However, I had been eyeing up these oil balm cleansers for a while and on a whim decided to purchase. Well I don’t think I’ll ever be looking back!

When I first got this I was a little confused at how it works but it really is so simple. You take a small scoop of the solid balm into your fingertips and rub this into your skin in circular motions. The consistency is lovely and it melts away into a silky oil formula under your fingertips. You then begin to see the oil bringing away your makeup, literally melting it off of your face. I then get a hot face cloth and wipe away the oil and makeup it doesn’t leave a trace behind, even any waterproof mascara. Now, I’m not sure if you are supposed to use it on your eyes but It’s amazing at removing stubborn waterproof mascara, even better than actual eye makeup removers.

I’m so impressed with this product, I couldn’t imagine using any other cleanser now. It’s perfume free like any of cliniques products and it’s really kind to your skin. One thing people worry about with these cleansers is the idea of applying an oil based cleanser on your face. However a common misconception is that if you apply oil to your face you’re going to make it oilier. This isn’t true, infact oil dissolves oil, therefore applying an oil to your face will cleanse your face whilst replacing the dirty oil and sebum with beneficial ones. I’ve noticed that my skin looks so much clearer and I have hardly any dry patches now. Another thing to note is how long this lasts! You only need the smallest amount each time you cleanse so a pot of this will have you going for months. You can get yours here for £22.

Have you ever tried an oil based cleanser? What are your thoughts on cleansing balms?

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

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