Clinique Chubby Sticks

Hello lovelies. Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends, I can’t believe how fast this year is going I’m going to be married with kids before I know it. It’s so scary! Anyway my Mum and Dad have been on a lovely cruise around Egypt and they brought me some goodies back! They bought me these Clinique chubby sticks from the aeroplane and an Urban Decay palette and Falsies Mascara and eyeliner from the ship! I’m rather excited to tell you about the falsies mascara as it’s so amazing and I have yet to try the palette.

So my Mum got this lovely collection of 3 chubby sticks for around £30. I think this is very reasonable considering they are £16 each from a Clinique stand. The packaging is so cute too it’s like a cigarette packet, but a little more glamorous. Then each stick is individually packaged in a little box with the name of the stick on the end. This is handy because you can keep them in the box and just flick the lid up to see which one you want.

The sticks themselves are lovely and handy as each stick is coloured with the colour of the balm. Which is handy if you’re in a rush or fumbling about in your makeup bag. The sticks claim to be ‘moisturising lip colour balm’, which describes them perfectly. I have seen reviews on these sticks complaining about the pigmentation and the longevity of the colour, but it is not a lipstick it’s a balm therefore you can’t expect them to last as long as Mac matte lipsticks or something similar. For me these balms are perfect as I don’t really wear a bright lip I tend to stick to my Mac creme cup, however I have got the rather bright Topshop Macaroon. In my opinion these are perfect for everyday wear. They don’t have a horrible smell as they are un-fragranced, like many of cliniques products. They are also so easy to use as they’re just like a pen and the sheer balm colour means you aren’t going to have colour stuck to your dry lips.

These balms are really moisturising and I think they would be pretty good to wear if you do have dry lips and fancy a little colour too. The colours I have are Mega Melon, Woopin’ Watermelon and Super Strawberry.

Mega Melon is an orangey red toned lip balm which doesn’t really suit my skin but my Mum is so tanned and it suits her perfect. So I’ve let her have this one.

Woopin’ Watermelon is definitely my favourite colour. It’s a lovely blue toned pink and suits me so well. This is my go to lip colour.

Super Strawberry is a warmer toned pink but is so gorgeous too, especially for the Summer months.

You can layer the colours to make them a little stronger but they’re just a glossy lovely balm and they are really wearable throughout the day. I love these chubby sticks and I want to check out the other colours in the collection now. I was also watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the other day and I’m pretty sure the makeup artist was using a chubby stick on the angels! If you’re wanting a really bright lip with a matte finish then these are not for you. But if you’re just wanting a moisturising lip product with a slick of colour then these are perfect!

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