Clean and Clear Skin | MayBeauty’s Incredible Face Mask

This month I was contacted by the brand MayBeauty to see if I would like to test out their ‘Incredible Face Masks’. As I hadn’t heard about the brand before I emailed back with a few questions and did a little research myself. It’s great to hear about new, up and coming brands and after some research I found out just how popular they were in Sweden, after launching there in 2013, with so many raving youtube reviews. MayBeauty are also cruelty free and focused on few products which give guaranteed results, or your money back.

The package included 5 face mask sachets, an application brush and an incredible skin guide with great tips about how to improve your skin through diet and general skin tips. The face mask itself is different to anything I’ve tried before. The consistency is like a thick black gel which is tricky to spread but I found it easier to apply evenly using the brush. One warning though is on application, do not put it on facial hair, especially your brows or they will be whipped right off and nobody wants that. I shaped the thick gel around my face, avoiding eyes, lips, eyebrows and hair line and left it for 40 minutes. Yes, that’s also something which is different to the usual face mask, they recommend you leave it for 30-45 minutes. Now, however difficult that is keeping your face still as it tightens up I did it and the results were amazing.

The mask claims to remove blackheads, oil, dead skin and prevents acne. Now I can’t comment on the acne but after a rather satisfying removal of the mask, like removing PVA glue from your hands at school (YES!!). I was left with fresh, clean and clear skin. As the mask is literally peeled from your skin, it can be a teeny bit painful but you’ll be fine and the satisfaction is so worth it. Blackheads appeared less visible and it actually allows you to see what’s been removed on the underside of the mask. It’s great to see instant results and feel super soft skin and I can’t wait for my next one already.

Overall a brilliant mask which I’m super impressed with and I want you guys to try it too. Now MayBeauty have kindly offered my readers an amazing 30% off all face mask packages which you can do here at this link or by entering the code: laurasfacemask30. This means you can try the same package for just £13.30. Thank you Maybeauty for the opportunity to try a brilliant mask, I can’t wait to try more.

Do you use a face mask as part of your skin care routine?

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