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With Christmas very quickly approaching and new years resolutions soon to be on the cards I thought I’d share with you my Top Fitness Christmas Gifts! For all those who may have some fitness fanatics in their family or want some ideas for their own Christmas wish list! I’ve tried to include some of the basics that everybody should have in their life, you’ll definitely thank me come January 1st!

1. My Protein Foam Roller | £10.79 | link

Foam rolling is such an important part of exercise and recovery. I must admit I am guilty of not being a regular roller but I try to make up for it with the stretching I do. Foam rolling is great to relieve muscle aches and pains, especially for runners who get terrible shin splints (like myself). There are so many youtube videos out there too, explaining the techniques to use for different areas. I for one will have this on my Christmas list. My protein have also asked me to include a link to their brilliant discount and voucher codes page here.

2. Nike Diamond Iphone 5 Running Band | £22.50 | link

So maybe this is quite pricey for a running armband but trust me it’s worth it. The amount of armbands I went through before I finally purchased this one. It’s so comfortable doesn’t move at all and is super easy to use. I must warn you though, the armband is quite small, for me it’s fine but if you have quite a large upper arm you might need to try the men’s one.

3. Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra | £33 | link

Definitely this best sports bras I have ever tried! They’re the comfiest, securest yet stylish sports bras I’ve found. They give you a lot of support but also look rather amazing under your gym vest. They’re most certainly worth the pennies and because they’re like bra sizing, the fit is perfect, much better than any sports bra brands I’ve tried.

4. Polar M400 GPS Heart Rate Monitor | £157 | link

I had to include a techy gift in this post and this was the obvious choice. Polar are like the Daddy of all fitness watches. This one in particular can track pace, distance and altitude and can help you find your way home with the built in GPS. It also works as a trainer where you can play, syn and share your training whilst setting yourself targets to conquer your PBs. The heart rate monitor also means you can train at the right intensity for your personal goals. Any fitness bunny would be ecstatic with this baby!

5. Breville Blend Active | £19.50 | link

Now this is something I’ve got on my own list to Santa this year. A much more reasonably priced alternative to the Nutri bullet. A great little blender which mixes and blends up a one-person portion of smoothie, juice or sports drink. I’m already planning all the brilliant smoothies I’ll be making!!

6. Nike X Liberty Trainers | £95 | link

Now what an amazing collab this is. The style and comfort of Nike with the beautiful design and print by Liberty. Obviously on the pricey side but these are just such amazing trainers! I obviously wouldn’t be running 10miles in them but they’d be great for the gym and also on your daily commute or shopping spree!!

7. Nike Training Kit | £22.50 | link

This is a great kit for those who don’t have pricey gym memberships or would much rather workout in the comfort of their own home. Resistance bands have been playing a great part in my workouts recently and there are so many youtube videos of how to use them effectively. Skipping is great to raise your heartbeat and burn off a few Christmas chocolates!

8. Yurbuds Inspire Talk In-Ear Headphones | £21 | link

I’ve raved so much about these headphones before, even writing a review here. They’re just a brilliant idea, they stay in your ears through wind, rain and even when you pull on them. These ones are great because they have the one-touch control and microphone which makes it easier to use when running or working out. I urge you all to purchase!!

What fitness picks have you got on your wishlist? Will you be getting these for any of your loved ones?

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