Catch up

Feeling very bad as I haven’t blogged in ages! I have been on teaching placement for the last 6 weeks so been none stop planning, teaching and making notebook slides. Anyway time for a catch up! One good thing is I have lots of things to blog about so this week I will probably be posting something new everyday. So first of all on to my most recent purchase.

Hollywood beauty Castor Oil. I ordered this last night after reading so many good reviews about it and watching numerous youtube results videos. I have been stuck with my past the should length hair for years now and it just wont get past this stage. So I have resorted to ordering this last night from Ebay. I can’t wait to receive this and get it slapped on my hair. The reviews claim that if applied to the scalp and ends of the hair once a week it can make your hair stronger/ shinier and longer! I am going to try the 12 week challenge to see if my hair actually grows. I will keep you updated with whether or not this stuff works, has anyone else tried this before? Let me know your results or miracle hair products, I am so hoping it works.

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