Braun Silk-Épil™ Epilator

Good Evening bloggers, hope you have all had a good weekend. I have been to my boyfriend’s families caravan in the Yorkshire Dales today to walk the dog. There are some beautiful views in the dales and lovely walks too but just my luck I got bit by a midgy right under my eye its so red and sore, silly me. Today has been gorgeous too and I’ve been out in the garden with the legs out and it gave me an idea for a blog post. I don’t have hairy legs at all but the hairs I do have are blonde and my legs are tanned from holiday so brown skin and blonde hairs looks so silly. I have tried waxing and shaving which both work well but my skin is very sensitive and I find that epilating is the kindest form of hair removal. The epilator I am reviewing today is the Braun Silk-Epil 7 epilator. For anyone who hasn’t used an epilator before it’s like a number of tiny little tweezers on a rotating head which pluck out the hairs. It sounds kinda scary but I’ve never caught my skin with it and its quite painless after a while I actually like the feeling on the top of my legs. This is how Braun describe it:

The Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator removes even the shortest, finest hairs, right down to 0.5mm long. That’s as small as a grain of sand. The 40 tweezers in Braun’s Close-Grip technology ensure superior performance and the most thorough hair removal. As it’s cordless, it can also be used dry or in the bath or shower for the gentlest epilation. To further increase comfort in your epilation, prepare your skin with the Olay cooling wet wipes included.

I find it really effective for hair removal especially on my legs and armpits. There are a number of different heads included which you can use for bikini line/armpits/facial hair and there is also a shave/trim head which makes it multi-functional. I also find you don’t get the red rash skin like you do with waxing, you do get little bumps but they settle down within 24 hours and I find that hair doesn’t grow back for around 3 weeks. There is also a ‘smartlight’ on the epilator which makes it easy to see and hairs which still remain. It takes me around 30 minutes to do my legs and the little bead like things on the head make the sensation easier on your skin it’s almost like a little massage on my legs. It is really easier to do and in my opinion better than shaving/waxing. It is also rechargeable and cordless so you don’t get tangled in the wires when charged I think it lasts around an hour and a half, more than long enough for one session.

shave/trim head

epilating head

I couldn’t recommend this more it’s so good for people with sensitive skin like me. You can buy one from boots or argos I think or check out the Braun website click here, the RRP is £139 but I think I got mine for cheaper and on amazon they are £79 at the minute so snap them up quick!

Have you tried any epilators before, what’s your preferred method of hair removal?

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