Almond Shaped Nails: WAH style

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, I haven’t bought any new beauty products in aaages so I’ve been rather uninspired recently. This was until I saw the amazing WAH-Nails recent pictures on instagram. If you haven’t heard of WAH-Nails then you should seriously check out their website. They do the most amazing nail art and even do nails in the Stratford and Oxford Street Topshop but sadly they are only based in London. But I have seen these Almond shape nails around a fair bit in a number of magazines and on a fair few celebrities. I think they’re a nice change to the usual square nails and look a lot more natural (especially the bottom lilac nails). I don’t think I would have the full on pointy ones as they look pretty dangerous and I do scratch myself in my sleep so I would wake up looking like I’d had a fight with Edward Scissor hands eeeek.

I have filed my natural nails into a more pointy shape and they look really good but they just need to grow a bit longer until I can achieve the almond nail look. I would love to have some nail art like these but I’ll just have to wait until my next visit to London! What do you think of the almond pointy nail shape? Have you got rid of the square nails and gone pointy yet?

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P.S. Thanks all you lovely girlies for your recommendations on the real techniques brushes I’m going to get myself the core collection.

PPPS. The gorgeous Kayleigh at couturegirl is having the most amazing giveaway so go on over and enter!

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