A Lot Of Catching Up…

So, you may have noticed I have been rather absent from my blog over the past year or so. If you keep up with my instagram, you’ll have seen that I’ve been quite busy travelling the world. I never formally announced or explained this as it’s all been very overwhelming and I’ve been very busy up until now but I’ve been working away on a cruise ship since Summer 2015. This was totally out of the blue for me and something I never imagined myself doing, never mind seeing the countries I’ve seen. Even though I’ve been documenting this on instagram, it’s very difficult to blog in the middle of the sea and when you’re ashore it seems silly to be looking for wifi when you have so many amazing places to explore. So I can only apologise for my absence, however I feel this is going to change and develop my blog as I introduce more travel and lifestyle posts. I’ve seen so much of the world I never thought I’d see, so it’d be a damn shame not to share my knowledge and experiences with you all.

Hopefully you’ll forgive my absence and be as excited as I am for the direction that my blog is going to take and the new content I’ll be sharing. As always, it’s easier to keep up with my hectic life over on instagram so make sure you’re following using the links beneath my picture and i’ll be sure to catch up with you.

Love Laura


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