'Making the world a little more positive one peach at a time'

I'm so lucky to be able to coach busy women from all across the globe. But I didn't just fall into this dream role...

I remember being a slave to HIIT workouts, buying 'skinny tea' and hoping thousands of squats would help grow my glutes. Boy was I wrong. Alongside a busy teaching role, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and gained a whole new insight into building muscle. I was no longer scared of the weight section. I finally started making the positive changes to my mind and body and was no longer punishing my body through HIIT and depriving myself of food.  Not only did fitness help me get physically stronger, but it made me more motivated, happier and so much more positive. I was no longer hating myself but finding a new love for my strength and confidence. But the more I watched my life change the more I wanted to help other women change their life.

Flash forward 3 years, I have since learnt the Science behind building glutes and become a specialist in female fitness. Solely coaching women, both online and in the gym, I understand how our bodies differ through our cycles, the pre and post natal changes, menopause and the affects on nutrition and lifting. Using my knowledge, I have created a unique blueprint to my programming.


 I've been able to help hundreds of women transform into healthier, happier, more confident versions of themselves. But not only that, to grow in strength and positivity all while achieving their goals.

The Positive Peach is so much more about just growing glutes. Of course we all have goals and a peachy bum is up there. But along the way you'll grow in confidence and positivity, building a happier, healthier, peachier you!